MarTech Europe 2016 call-for-speakers is now open

MarTech Europe Call-for-Speakers 2016

MarTech Europe is returning to London this fall, 1-2 November, and I’m excited to open up the call-for-speakers today. I’m always incredibly impressed by and grateful for the proposals we receive from experts and practitioners in this field.

If you have a topic that you would like to present, please fill out our speaker application. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 10 June.

Here are a few things to consider as you prepare an application:

We’re seeking cutting-edge presentations at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. That is the sweet spot that our audience — mid-to-senior level marketing executives, marketing technologists, digital leaders, and IT professionals — comes to this event to learn about. However, you can lean your presentation towards any one of those poles — more in-depth on the technology or tech-powered marketing strategy, or more about the management issues surrounding these capabilities. What subject do you think needs to be raised to this audience?

Topics that we’re particularly interested in for MarTech Europe include:

  • technology-powered customer experiences, both B2B and B2C
  • collaborations between marketing and IT (and other departments)
  • digital transformation and new management approaches such as agile and lean
  • marketing operations — organizing people and processes behind the tech
  • the collision of “adtech” and “martech” in agencies and brands
  • procurement, security, and governance of marketing technology
  • emerging marketing technologies, such as AI, bots, VR, and IoT

Most presentations will be 20-minute TED-style talks. We’ve found that the best format for most of the subjects we cover are focused, 20-minute talks by a single presenter. It’s enough time to dig into a specific topic with some depth — yet short enough to encourage a swift, engaging pace of delivery. Please keep this mind in your presentation suggestions. (And if you have examples of presentations you’ve given, either a video or a SlideShare, please include a link in your application.) We may have a very small number of panel discussions, which you can suggest, but there won’t be many of those in the final program.

Our audience expects “graduate level” presentations, directly tied to marketing technology. There are many wonderful digital marketing conferences out there, many of which cater to attendees who are just getting started. This is not one of those. We’re looking for presentations that dive deeper into the meaty topics surrounding marketing technology and help even advanced practitioners learn and grow. Make your presentation application as specific as possible, and explain what it will teach attendees.

We are primarily looking for in-house practitioners at brands and independent industry experts. Our audience mostly wants to hear from the people who are wrangling the reality of harnessing these capabilities inside organizations. While we may accept a few speakers from marketing technology vendors, if a topic is particularly noteworthy and truly vendor agnostic, the bar will be higher for those presentations to be accepted. We strongly recommend that marketing technology vendors encourage their customers to apply to speak as practitioners instead — you have a much higher proability of having a success story of your technology shared on stage.

THANK YOU for taking the time to send in your suggestions. We really appreciate the contributions from the community, and I look forward to seeing you — hopefully on the stage — this fall!

MarTech Europe Call-for-Speakers 2016 Application

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