2 terrific #MarTech talks on the rise of AI in marketing

Cognitive Marketing

Machine Intelligence in Marketing

One of the hottest topics in marketing technology today is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cognitive computing in marketing.

If you’re wondering about the difference between those three terms, well, my feeble attempt at delineating them is this: machine learning is a subset of AI (which broadly applies to computers doing “smart” things), and machine learning is used in cognitive computing to enable a software program to “reason” like a human, which is one kind of AI.

Does that clear it up? “Uh, not really.”

Well, here are two much better explanations of these concepts and how they are being applied to marketing by two of our featured speakers at the MarTech conference in San Francisco this past March.

First, Gerry Murray of IDC gave a fantastic talk on Cognitive Marketing: The Rise of the Super-Intelligent Marketer:

And second, David Raab of Raab & Associates — and a member of the MarTech Conference advisory board — gave a terrific presentation on How Machine Intelligence Will Really Change Marketing:

Thinking marketing technology has been a wild ride so far? We’re just beginning.

Interested in more talks on this caliber on marketing technology? Join us at an upcoming MarTech conference in Europe or the US.

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