Want to learn the truth about marketing technology stacks?

I do.

As do the researchers at the CEB Marketing Leadership Council, who have put together the most comprehensive marketing technology survey I’ve ever seen. It asks participants about every category on the marketing technology landscape:

  • Have you adopted or plan to adopt a solution? When?
  • Is it a point solution or part of a larger technology solution or platform?
  • How much business value are you getting — or expecting — from it?
  • How difficult was it to integrate from a technical perspective?
  • How easy or hard was adoption from the perspective of people and processes?

If you’re thinking, “crikey, that sounds like a lot of questions” — you’ve got the right idea. It will likely take you between 20 minutes up to an hour to complete this survey.

But here’s why you should invest that (half) hour.

Yes, there’s the grand community benefit that we will all learn from these results: the on-the-ground realities of point solutions vs. multi-function platforms, relative adoption rates across the landscape, the relative difficulty of technical integrations and organizational adoption, and the relative business value that each solution is delivering — category by category.

This category-by-category analysis is what makes this so much work — there are a lot of categories! — but it’s also why this study promises to reveal so much insight.

Because the marketing landscape is far too large to paint with a single brush. For instance, “integration challenges” are unlikely the same across the whole landscape. I bet they vary wildly from one category to the next. Which categories are hard? Which are easy? Let’s find out.

So for the benefit of the whole marketing community — of which you’re a part — I beseech you to participate so we can all learn those answers and move our discussions around managing modern marketing technology to the next level.

But the CEB is offering an even more personalized incentive for your participation.

Everyone who participates will receive a custom report from the CEB with your answers compared against industry benchmarks. This is a document that you will want — or at least want the option — to share with your team and other stakeholders and executives to level set expectations and help guide your own capabilities development.


CEB is a public firm that has worked with Fortune 500 companies for many decades on studies like this across different fields. They have an impeccable reputation for privacy and professionalism. I trust them to run this study so that the results are accurate and objective and the privacy of each individual participant is carefully respected.

This will be the study you’ll want to have for 2017 planning. Don’t miss out.


P.S. So you don’t freak out when you get into this survey and realize — “whoa, Scott wasn’t kidding about this taking half an hour or more!” — here’s a sample of what the questions look like for each of the six major product groups on the marketing technology landscape.

The CEB starts by showing you the categories within each of those products groups, so all participants are on the same page about what’s in a particular category. They then ask four sets of questions for the categories in that group:

Marketing Technology Landscape Content & Experience Categories

CEB Marketing Technology Study

CEB Marketing Technology Study 2

CEB Marketing Technology Study 3

CEB Marketing Technology Study 4

It’s a lot, I know. But now you’re prepared. And it will be worth it for the high resolution of insight this will give you — and all of us — into the diverse space of marketing technology. So please:


And please share this post with others — the more participants we have, the greater statistical significance these results will give us.

Thank you!

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