Call for speakers for MarTech 2017 in San Francisco

MarTech 2017 Call-for-Speakers

Wow, this year is flying by — and definitely without a dull moment in marketing technology. If you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong. And 2017 promises to be an even more spectacular whirlwind of change and innovation.

Speaking of 2017, I’m excited to announce that the next MarTech Conference will take place in San Francisco on May 9-11, 2017. Mark it your calendars now — it will be the biggest and best one yet.

Two of the ways that it’s going to be better are: (1) we are significantly expanding the number of content tracks that we will have, and (2) we’re going to move from mostly 20-minute TED-style talks to mostly 45-minute in-depth presentations. Too many of the topics in this space deserve a deeper dive.

Which leads me to the big ask of this post: would you like to speak at MarTech? As of today, we’ve opened the call-for-speakers suggestion form, and we’d love to hear your ideas.

First, please note that the deadline for submissions is Saturday, December 17. However, we will be approving select speakers on a “rolling” basis — so the sooner you can submit a suggestion to us, the better the odds of it being accepted.

This year, most presentations will be 45-minute sessions delivered by either a solo speaker or a duo of speakers, such as a vendor/agency co-presenting with one of their customers. Please propose your session with that level of depth in mind. (In a few cases, we may reach out to you to join a panel discussion or give an abbreviated 20-minute TED-style talk instead.)

We’re looking for session proposals that are “graduate level” in nature — not Digital Marketing 101 — where speakers will be able to teach our advanced audience something new and meaningful from their experience (and with a vendor-neutral perspective). Vendors: your best chance for speaking in the editorial program is to secure a brand-name customer who is willing to co-present with you. Please include that brand co-presenter in your submission.

Here are the key subject areas that we are looking to address in the agenda, but we are also open to your suggestions that fit “outside the box”:

  • Customer Experience Martech
  • Martech Data & Analytics
  • Adtech Meets Martech
  • Social Media Martech
  • Commerce Martech
  • Content Marketing Martech
  • Martech Architecture & Operations
  • Martech-Enabled Strategy
  • Agile & Lean Martech Management
  • Emerging Martech: AR, VR, IoT & AI
  • The Human Side of Martech

Now it’s your turn — we’re looking forward to reading your compelling suggestions for MarTech sessions submitted through the link below. Thank you!


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