You have to participate in this MarTech cartoon caption contest…

MarTech Cartoon Caption Contest

As you may know, Tom Fishburne, a.k.a. the Marketoonist, will be one of our keynote speakers at the MarTech conference in San Francisco next month, May 9-11.

I’m really looking forward to his presentation — sage observations on a wild marketing industry, roiled by the crazy pace of technological innovation, all revealed through the lens of a brilliant cartoonist’s wit.

And here’s your chance to contribute and be recognized for your own martech sense of humor by participating in the MarTech Cartoon Caption Contest.

Please take a moment to come up with a creative caption for the above cartoon by Thursday, April 27 at midnight EST. You can submit your caption entry through this form.

Tom will present the best entries as he unveils the official MarTech cartoon during his presentation in San Francisco on Thursday, May 11. We’ll select one winner who will then receive a framed version of the cartoon with their contributed caption, signed by Tom himself.

(It’ll be great if you’re at MarTech to receive it and bask in bragging rights among your peers, but if not, we’ll ship it to you instead.)

Sadly, I’ve been told that as much as I would really like to, I am not eligible to participate. If I could, these are a couple of the captions that I’d propose:

“Welcome, everybody. Today we begin our first agile marketing sprint…”

“So how long does it usually take to approve new marketing technology purchases here?”

But I’m betting that you can do better than me though. Have fun!

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1 thought on “You have to participate in this MarTech cartoon caption contest…”

  1. “It would seem our customer hold times are slightly below industry average… What can we do to reduce time to resolution during these lean times, one-sigma gurus?”

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