Seth Godin now a MarTech keynote + last week for beta rates

MarTech Boston

Three quick pieces of news on the MarTech conference coming up in Boston, October 2-4:

  1. Seth Godin has been added as a keynote speaker to the MarTech program, where he’ll do a special afternoon keynote on October 3, “It’s Your Turn to Engage: Embracing The Work That Matters.” Seth is truly inspiring for all of us wrangling a new frontier of marketing and innovation, and I’m sure his presentation will be a fantastic way to cap the day’s sessions. Seth’s talk has been graciously arranged and sponsored by…
  2. Marketo has been added as a very special title sponsor to MarTech, and they’ll be running their Marketing Nation Roadshow as a parallel set of tracks on October 3. All all-access MarTech attendees will have the option of attending any of the MarTech editorial tracks (marketing, technology, and management), a sponsored solutions track, and two Marketo tracks.
  3. The early bird “beta” rate for MarTech tickets expires this Saturday, August 26. Register before then to save $250 on all-access tickets.

I’m immensely grateful for Marketo’s generous support for MarTech. However, since we take the separation of sponsorship and editorial very seriously here, I want to clarify that the two Marketo tracks are sponsored sessions programmed by their team. In this regard, they’re like the sponsored solutions track sessions — except a whole two tracks worth.

They sound like awesome sessions, and I’m thrilled that they’ll be part of the conference. But the credit and control for their agenda belongs to Marketo.

Vice versa, neither Marketo nor any other sponsor has had any influence over the editorial program for MarTech — the morning keynotes and the three marketing, technology, and management tracks. I love the martech vendor community, but for our editorial sessions we focus on the experiences of brand practitioners and insights from vendor-neutral experts in the field.

You can read an epic 4,000-word preview of MarTech Boston for more details about all the amazing speakers we have lined up in those editorial tracks. The logos at the top of this page are just a tiny sample of the amazing brands who will be speaking and attending.

Remember: early bird “beta” rates expire this Saturday, August 26 — get your tickets now for $250 off all-access passes and reserve your seat for an amazing event at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management.

I hope to see you in October!

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