What would Eric Clapton say about marketing technology if he were coming to MarTech?

What would Eric Clapton say about marketing technology?

“It’s in the way that you use it.”

I’m pretty sure that would be Eric Clapton’s advice on marketing technology. While Slowhand sadly won’t be coming to the MarTech stage next month, we do have a pretty amazing line up of marketing experts, executives, and seasoned practitioners who will show you how they use it.

At the upcoming MarTech in San Jose, April 23-25, you’ll learn from real-world experiences:

  • How does a major brand like T-Mobile synchronize digital and physical marketing?
  • How do product-led companies like Airbnb and Evernote embed martech in their flow?
  • How does a renown brand like L’Oréal create a compelling chatbot experience?
  • How does Aetna transform disconnected tools into a digital marketing ecosystem?
  • How do Verizon and Turner separate real insights from “fake” ones in social media?
  • How do Intel and The New York Times innovate in martech without big budgets?
  • How is Medtronic changing their customer lifecycle with ABM technology?
  • How does DonorsChoose.org build, analyze, and activate a digital community?
  • How does VMWare measure marketing’s impact in B2B engagement?
  • How did City National Bank roadmap setting up a marketing technology office?
  • How does a product leader at Intuit balance martech consolidation and diversification?
  • How does RedHat automate data-driven next-best actions in demand generation?
  • How does Visier manage GDPR and other legal hurdles that stall martech projects?
  • How did WeightWatchers implement self-service martech platform for its marketers?
  • How does HashiCorp unify marketing, sales, and customer operations?
  • How does the marketing ops team at Palo Alto Networks win awards from finance?
  • How is blockchain really going to impact marketing over the next year, no BS?
  • What are the biggest security risks that marketers overlook at their peril?

The candid answers to these questions will give you a wealth of practical marketing strategies and tactics that you can take back to your organization. Our mission with MarTech is to deliver a senior-level, vendor-neutral, educational program that shows you “the way you can use it” — how to get real value out of your marketing technology investments.

Here’s an overview of all the editorial sessions at MarTech next month, emphasizing pragmatic solutions and leadership at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management:

MarTech West 2018 Agenda

All of these will be full, 45-minute length sessions that dig into the real-world dynamics behind successful marketing technology management. No fluff. No hype. No ulterior motive.

The MarTech Stackies 2017

Start with a special evening reception on Monday, April 23, where we’ll reveal the entries and winners of The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards to see dozens of examples of real-world marketing stacks from companies across many different industries.

(You still have time to enter The Stackies yourself until midnight on April 6!)

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with over 2,000 other senior marketing and technology leaders — the sort of informal, peer-to-peer discussions that plug you into the “ground truth” of modern marketing technology and operations.

100 Leading MarTech Companies in Our MarTech Expo

Looking for just the right piece of marketing technology to complete your stack? Or want to serendipitously discover something you didn’t even know was possible? In our exhibit hall, you’ll have the chance to meet nearly 100 innovative marketing technology companies, to browse and demo their latest advancements first-hand.

But that’s just the start of what’s happening in the expo hall and during breaks.

Attend presentations about how to acquire and implement marketing technology in the “Discover MarTech Theater.” Real Story Group, a leading marketing technology consulting firm, will be presenting several times each day along with vendors offering case studies on how to use their solutions.

You won’t want to miss the breakfast and lunch presentations from our Title & Presenting sponsors: Workfront, BrightCove, IBM, Lytics & Pantheon. In addition, the Solutions track features presentations from nearly a dozen market leaders including Fuel Cycle, Aprimo, Commerce Tools, Merkle, PegaSystems, Turtl, Tealium, and Datorama.

Four Amazing 4-Hour MarTech Workshops

Want to get an even deeper martech education? You can sign up for one of our optional 4-hour “master class” workshops that will be led by some of the best minds in marketing tech:

MarTech West 2018 Workshops

MarTech is going to rock. Get your ticket now to save $350 off an all-access ticket — rates go up March 17. See you in San Jose!

P.S. Budget and time an issue? If you’re in the Bay Area those days, get an Expo+ pass to attend the Solutions track, the Discover MarTech Theater presentations, and visit the 100 marketing technology vendors who will be exhibiting in the expo hall. (And have lunch on us!)

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2 thoughts on “What would Eric Clapton say about marketing technology if he were coming to MarTech?”

  1. Sharad Choudhary


    Mar-tech is definitely It’s In The Way That You Use It. However the video you post along with this post of “It’s In The Way That You Use It” is not working.

    Feel free to share free pass or goodies for pointing this out.


    1. Ah, very interesting. It’s working for me. I wonder if this is a YouTube restriction, either by region or device or browser? Vertical competition of some kind at work? Or just a technical snafu? Or even — gasp! — user error?

      This is why martech is never dull.

      If you come to MarTech, happy to get you a goodie! 🙂

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