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2019 Martech Salary Survey Call for Participation

If you have been following my work for a while, you know that I’m a big believer in sharing as much research as possible with the martech community at no cost.

For instance, you can download the whole database of marketing technology vendors for free. Or download all of the marketing stacks from the Stackies for free. Or download the most comprehensive global report of martech salaries and job responsibilities for free. That’s the 2018 salary report, by the way. Which leads me to…

My only ask in return is that you contribute back to the community, in any small way, when the opportunity arises. Martech is such a nascent profession and industry that it’s essential for us to learn from each other about how it’s taking shape.

Here’s just such an opportunity.

Please give us just 3 minutes from your day to participate in our 2019 Marketing Technology & Operations Salary Survey.

Let me emphasize: this is a completely anonymous survey. We won’t ask for your name or email address, the name of your employer, or any other personally identifiable information. We won’t collect your IP address. We won’t pixel you for retargeting. We mean completely anonymous — because we know how sensitive this information is.

After the study is complete, we will again make the aggregated results and analysis available to the community at no cost. You’ll see compensation benchmarks across different levels of marketing operations and technology management, as well as getting valuable information on martech responsibilities like this:

Marketing Technology Responsibilities

But we really need your participation. The more people who participate, the more accurate the results will be. So, in big, bold letters…

Please click here to participate in the survey.

Thank you!

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