My 7 attempts to caption this MarTech cartoon, but I bet you can do better

MarTech West 2019 Marketoonist Caption Contest

Regular readers know that I’m a huge fan of Tom Fishburne, the brilliant fellow behind all those great Marketoonist cartoons. I’m delighted that he’ll be our closing keynote speaker at MarTech in April, presenting Look! Squirrel! Beyond the Shiny New Thing to Sustained Organizational Change. Tom will enlighten us as he makes us laugh at the way we think about adopting new martech, overcoming fear, and driving transformation at our companies.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: You’ve got only one more week to get tickets to MarTech in San Jose, April 3-5, at the discounted “beta” rate. Prices go up March 3.

As a special treat, we’re running a “caption contest” for the above custom Marketoonist cartoon for MarTech. There’s no cost to enter, and you can enter as many times as you like.

Submit your entries here.

Tom will share the best entries in San Jose on Friday, April 5 as he unveils the official version of his cartoon during MarTech‘s closing presentation. If you win, you’ll get an on-stage shout out and receive a framed version of the cartoon with your caption, autographed by Tom.

How cool is that?

While I’m obviously not eligible to win (nor are any MarTech Conference employees or family members), I did come up with a few captions to get things rolling:

MarTech West 2019 Marketoonist Caption Contest

“Excuse me, but don’t you have anything innovative you can show us?”

“What is the air speed velocity of a tech-laden marketer?”

“He’s been droning on a bit, but it’s virtually conversational.”

“Well, it’s better than death by PowerPoint…”

“Okay, we’ll buy it all, but only if we can pay in our own crypto-currency.”

“Wow, Bob is literally flying up the hype cycle now.”

“Alexa, open boardroom doors.”

(Catch the two classic movie references above? There’s no extra points for that, but I’ll happily buy you a drink at MarTech if you mention them to me at the event.)

Speaking of a drink, this is where you say, “Hold my beer…” and submit your own caption.

The deadline for entries is Thursday, March 14 by 11:59 pm PST. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your best MarTech cartoon caption immortalized by the Marketoonist. Best case scenario, you’ll actually be at MarTech to accept your prize and bask in the praise of your peers… but if not, we’ll ship it to your home or office.

On that note, remember to get your tickets for MarTech this week.

P.S. Speaking of amazing contests, be sure to send in your entry to The Stackies by March 15.

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