An intimate evening discussion about five marketing disruptions (video)

Martech Disruptions to Marketing at Triangle Marketing Club

Christopher Douglas runs the Triangle Marketing Club, an energetic community of marketers (and students planning to become marketers) in Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s one of those dynamic “connectors,” always bringing people together and enthusiastically plumbing helpful intersections between them.

Last year, he invited me to speak to their group about the 5 disruptions to marketing that I believe are changing marketing as we know it — and to partake in some absolutely delicious fried chicken. (Martech conversations over fried chicken? Does it get any better than that?)

The event was held in a groovy space in downtown Raleigh that felt very intimate — more like engaging with a graduate class than presenting from afar on a stage.

Christopher recorded the whole thing on video and then spliced in direct snaps of my slides. I thought it captured the spirit of the evening, and so with his permission I’m sharing it here. Fair warning, it’s over an hour with my talk and Q&A. But maybe if you find yourself relaxing with a beer or glass of wine or cup of tea, you’ll find it a fun discussion to slip into the room for, albeit virtually and after the fact.

You can find more videos of other talks at the Triangle Marketing Club here.

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