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MarTech Spring 2021

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, as I’ve been heads down working on my keynote for the upcoming MarTech conference. It’s all about “no code” for marketers, and I’m seriously looking forward to sharing it with you:

KEYNOTE — Marketing Superpowers: How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker

Faster than a filed ticket!
More powerful than a freelance engineer!
Able to launch apps and workflows in a single click!
Look, up in the cloud!
It’s a developer!
It’s a designer!
It’s… super-marketer!

Your origin story starts here. A hungry marketer. Full of digital dreams. Yet lacking a personal team of developers, designers, and specialists to make those dreams come true. Until suddenly, one day — SHAZAM! — extraordinary forces from the cloud imbue you with the power to create anything you can imagine.

That day is now.

In this keynote presentation, you will learn how a remarkable wave of AI and no code tools can turn you from a mere marketer into a marketing maker, overnight. You can build apps, agents, automations, integrations, workflows, web experiences, and more — without ever touching a line of code. If you can think it, you can make it. And those superpowers forever change what marketing can do.

Join me to learn how to harness your new powers:

  • The incredibly diverse spectrum of “no code” tools that any marketer can use
  • How advances in generative AI let you create amazing content in minutes
  • The kinds of digital experiences and experiments these capabilities enable
  • How marketing operations can govern these powers for the greater good

…and more. Grab your cape, reserve a spot, and get ready to fly.

Plus more than 60 additional sessions — all free!

My keynote will be live at 4:30pm EDT on Tuesday, March 16, and then I’ll be around for an open community meet-up afterwards to chat with you and get your perspective.

But my session is only one of more than 60 (!!) presentations that start rolling at 11:00am EDT next Tuesday and run through Wednesday afternoon, March 17. Here are just some of the topics being covered:

  • Bridging the gap between customer data and highly personalized experiences
  • Adapting brick-and-mortar stores to the digital world
  • Getting the most out of your marketing automation software
  • Charting the way forward in a cookieless world
  • Unlocking personalization beyond recommendations
  • Understanding if you’ve outgrown your martech
  • Bringing your email creation process into the 21st century
  • Amplifying your thought leadership with video
  • Earning customer trust
  • Navigating the hidden impact of your technology choices
  • Avoiding common pitfalls of applying AI/ML in martech
  • Choosing the right marketing attribution and predictive analytics platform
  • Simplifying compliance review and approval in 2021
  • Improving your ad spend efficiency and exceed your revenue target

There will also be two additional, stellar keynotes:

#1 The changing customer: a candid keynote conversation, with Craig Rosenberg, Distinguished Vice President & Analyst, Gartner, Teresa Barreira, CMO, Publicis Sapient, Martin Ekechukwu, CEO & Co-Founder, WHTWRKS, and Kim Davis, Editorial Director, MarTech Today, Third Door Media.

#2 Getting traction from your data, with Nancy Duarte, best-selling author and CEO of Duarte.

All of the above is completely free online: register here.

But wait, you want more? On Thursday, March 18, there will be five 4-hour workshops you can sign up for $249 for one (and a 15% discount if you purchase more than one):

MarTech Spring 2021 Workshops

Don’t miss out! Come join us next week.

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