He who controls the software, controls the marketing (video)

Here’s the video recording of my CreateTech presentation last month introducing marketing technologists to creative technologists. Unfortunately, the sound level is a little low and the slides aren’t in the video, but feel free to follow along with the deck below: Creative Technologists Meet Marketing Technologists from Scott Brinker

Creative technologists: meet marketing technologists

I had the pleasure of speaking this week at CreateTech, a conference run by the 4A’s (America Association of Advertising Agencies). The gist of my talk was to introduce creative technologists — who work primarily in agencies — to the marketing technology movement that’s happening in marketing departments at brands. Those of you who are […]

The wild marketing technology alliance of Infosys and WPP

I had an interesting call earlier this week with Samson David, the global head of business platforms for Infosys. Our chat came about because Infosys, in partnership with WPP and its Fabric subsidiary, is now promoting its own marketing technology platform for major brands, BrandEdge. There are so many fascinating layers to this story, it’s […]

Are agencies hopelessly screwed or on the verge of a spectacular Renaissance?

Maybe both. It would be hard to overstate how thoroughly disrupted marketing has been by technology over the past 10 years — or how much disruption still awaits in the decade ahead. It’s against that backdrop that the giants of the marketing industry — agencies and their conglomerate ecosystems — are increasingly wrestling with their […]

Techs hiring creatives to embrace the creative world

A big part of this blog is encouraging marketers to bring technologists fully into their teams as a way to grok the use of technology in modern marketing. A couple of days ago, AdAge ran an article — Why Facebook Is Hiring Ad Agency Creatives — that illustrates an example of the inverse: a technology […]

CMOs to agencies: adapt or die

The CMO Council released their latest report on client/agency effectiveness this week. (You can download a free executive summary from that link, or spring $199 for the full report.) Out of the myriad of survey-driven stats from 6,000 corporate marketers across a wide range of major brands, one figure stands out as particularly striking: only […]

Agencies and the marketing technologist revolution

Today I’m presenting at Adobe’s Partner Community Day in New York City on the topic of the rise of marketing technologist. This is an updated and extended version of talks I gave last year at Search Insider Summit and Pivot. Since a large number of agencies will be in the audience, I’ll also discuss what […]

The popularity contest between digital and TV

Sometimes it feels like the future takes a long time to arrive. While most of you reading this blog have likely been focused on digital marketing as the “hot spot” in marketing for a while, it’s always been surprising to me how long it’s taken legacy marketing institutions — the classic big agencies of Madison […]

The new three-way: CIO, CMO & Agency

Good article on AdAge this morning, Friends With (Digital) Benefits: CMOs Link With CIOs. The article includes several great anecdotes, from both agencies and brands, talking about the increased frequency of three-way meetings — the CMO, the CIO, and the agency — all collaborating together: Agencies, especially those involved with digital work, say they’re increasingly […]

How ad tech is disrupting the media buying world

The above diagram is from Clay Christensen’s web site with the definition of disruptive innovation. Ari Paparo, a senior VP at Appnexus, had a terrific article published in Ad Age last week, Don’t Look Now: Classic Disruption Is Taking Place In Advertising, describing the phenomenon of such disruptive technology on agencies and media buying in […]