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Everything is marketing, everyone must be agile

Momentarily, I’ll be delivering the closing keynote at Agile Day hosted by Valtech in Paris, talking about customer experience, agile marketing, and marketing technology — and how they’re all entwined into the new competitive landscape of business. (Agile. Marketing technology. And Paris. I may have found paradise.) Here is the slide deck from my presentation: Everything Is Marketing, Everyone Must Be Agile And here’s an essay version of my talk: Agile Day 2012 Closing Keynote …

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The single most valuable marketing capability today

The following is a foreword I wrote for a new Agile Marketing white paper produced by Valtech. We’re privileged to live in the most exciting time in the history of marketing. While every profession has been impacted by the explosion of ubiquitous computing and connectivity in the digital age, the impact on marketing has undoubtedly been the most profound. As the world has moved online, the distance between companies and customers has collapsed to zero. …

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Engineers are becoming a lot like marketers too

I spend a lot of time thinking about how engineering culture and capabilities are seeping into marketing’s ecosystem. Marketers are becoming more tech-savvy by the day, which is a fascinating transformation to behold. But it struck me recently how much the inverse is happening too: many of the signature characteristics of marketing have now become a part of engineering culture. Engineers are becoming quite marketing-savvy in their trade. This isn’t about engineers working in marketing …

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Champions of agile marketing

If I could pick one word to define the future of marketing, it would be agility. All the shifts in technology, media, channels, connections, and culture we’re experiencing have combined to accelerate the clockspeed of marketing. How rapidly can new ideas be tested? How quickly can successes be scaled? How swiftly can failures be caught and re-imagined? How close to instantaneous can reaction time be when opportunities or threats arise in the viral, global fabric …

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3 nimble trends changing content and marketing

Razorfish just released a great new report, Nimble: Publishing in the Digital Age, written by Rachel Lovinger. The target audience is clearly large publishers and mega media companies, but there are important trends here that are relevant to everyone who thinks of distributing content on the web — e.g., anyone in marketing. The three key points that pop out to me — particularly because I keep seeing them in a lot of posts and discussions …

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Trust, brands, and the marketing dashboard of the future

This week, I ran a pilot of my latest study for improving trust in online advertising — the first time I’ve run an experiment with human subjects physically in the lab. Two thoughts I wanted to share from the experience: First, don’t ever underestimate the power of brands. I’ll share more about that once we finish the study. But search marketers in particular, I cannot stress this enough: brands are immensely influential in the context …

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3 big picture marketing themes from #ConvCon

Last week was the inaugural Conversion Conference (#ConvCon), a new event organized by landing page optimization expert Tim Ash and co-located with the eMetrics marketing optimization summit. While there were plenty of terrific sessions on landing pages and conversion optimization — my post-click marketing craft and trade at ion — three larger marketing themes emerged that I want to share with you. Theme #1: Agile Marketing In conversion optimization — what marketers do to increase …

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Ideas for an agile marketing manifesto

While working on an article for Search Engine Land, Agile Marketing For Conversion Optimization, it struck me that there really should be an Agile Marketing Manifesto. Just as the Agile Manifesto helped coalesce a diverse collection of software developers and their various agile methodologies under a common banner, there’s an opportunity for marketers to throw off the shackles of legacy processes from the last century and declare allegiance to a new set of guiding principles. …

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