Why this CMO loathes marketing plans (interview)

One of my favorite marketers in the Boston area is Frank Days. He’s super smart, speaks his mind, and is a great champion of innovation in the marketing department. He was one of the early pioneers of agile marketing, implementing it at Novell several years ago and sharing his experience with others. So I was […]

Agile marketing in 20 slides and 5 minutes (video)

“What the heck is this agile marketing thing people keep talking about?!” If that question is on your mind — and you aren’t familiar with agile software development, from which its ideas sprang — this 5 minute video will give you the quick lowdown. It was recorded at the ASAE’s technology conference earlier this month […]

What agile marketers can learn from the U.S. CTO

Think your organization is too large or too political to adopt agile marketing? You might take inspiration from the U.S. CTO Todd Park, who has ignited a number of agile projects in the U.S. federal government and — isn’t there a law against this? — is actually getting stuff done. Park, who has a successful […]

Google brings agile to agencies with “Agile Creativity” vision

Hackathons. Prototyping. Beta testing. Sounds like a typical day in Silicon Valley software, right? Not this time. This is the language of Madison Avenue in the 21st century. Or at least it will be, if Google’s new Agile Creativity initiative takes root. In collaboration with a number of agency visionaries, Google has produced a compelling […]

10 key principles of agile marketing management

You’ve probably been hearing more about agile marketing lately. Over the past 6 months, there has been a blossoming Renaissance of discussions, writings, and events on the subject — a number of which I summed up in a recent Search England Land column, Have You Adopted Agile Marketing Yet? In a nutshell, agile marketing adapts […]

Interested in agile marketing? Read this interview

The agile marketing movement is underway, and right in the front lines of the charge is an agile champion named Jim Ewel. Jim publishes the Agile Marketing.Net blog. He helped organize SprintZero, the first public gathering of agile marketers. He coaches companies on how to implement agile marketing through his consulting practice, Peel the Layers. […]

Everything is marketing, everyone must be agile

Momentarily, I’ll be delivering the closing keynote at Agile Day hosted by Valtech in Paris, talking about customer experience, agile marketing, and marketing technology — and how they’re all entwined into the new competitive landscape of business. (Agile. Marketing technology. And Paris. I may have found paradise.) Here is the slide deck from my presentation: […]

The single most valuable marketing capability today

The following is a foreword I wrote for a new Agile Marketing white paper produced by Valtech. We’re privileged to live in the most exciting time in the history of marketing. While every profession has been impacted by the explosion of ubiquitous computing and connectivity in the digital age, the impact on marketing has undoubtedly […]

Engineers are becoming a lot like marketers too

I spend a lot of time thinking about how engineering culture and capabilities are seeping into marketing’s ecosystem. Marketers are becoming more tech-savvy by the day, which is a fascinating transformation to behold. But it struck me recently how much the inverse is happening too: many of the signature characteristics of marketing have now become […]

Champions of agile marketing

If I could pick one word to define the future of marketing, it would be agility. All the shifts in technology, media, channels, connections, and culture we’re experiencing have combined to accelerate the clockspeed of marketing. How rapidly can new ideas be tested? How quickly can successes be scaled? How swiftly can failures be caught […]