More unicorns! LinkedIn’s head of marketing technology

Marketing Technology at LinkedIn

It’s fascinating to watch a new profession — marketing technologists — emerge from the digital star foundry. It’s a phenomenon that we should expect to see more frequently in The Second Machine Age. But while that’s thought-provoking at a theoretical level, it’s breathtaking to watch it actually happen with real people you know. It also […]

Jason Heller on a mission for the marketer of the future

Agiliti's Framework for Digital Transformation

Jason Heller is the founder and CEO of Agiliti, a New York consultancy that specializes in digital transformation of marketing operations and strategy. I first became aware of Jason a few years ago through a series of columns he wrote for MediaPost, such as Achieving Simplicity From Complexity and Fostering Digital Innovation. We’ve had a […]

Secrets of a Silicon Valley marketing technologist

Jason Seeba

Okay, perhaps that headline sounds a tad too much like a salacious exposé, which this is not. This is, however, an enlightening Q&A with Jason Seeba, lead marketing technologist at BloomReach, a rapidly growing Silicon Valley company that creates big data marketing applications used by major Internet retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Williams-Sonoma, and […]

Marketing’s intersection of complexity and accountability

Complexity and Accountability

While I don’t usually cover start-up launches on this blog — a space well-covered by TechCrunch and many others who are great at it — today’s Q&A with Jennifer Zeszut, CEO of Beckon, does correspond with the launch of their company yesterday out of “stealth mode.” Jennifer and I connected around a piece I wrote […]

6 questions with SAP’s chief marketing technologist

Andreas Starke, Marketing BIO at SAP

When I posted my presentation The Marketing Technologist: Neo of the Marketing Matrix a few months ago, one of the people who commented on it was Nancy Fessatidis, VP of Marketing Operations at SAP: Great post Scott. The CMT role has served us well at SAP. We call this our Business Information Officer (BIO). It’s […]

Digital is easy. Try A/B testing in the real world.

Uncontrolled by Jim Manzi

If I was going to recommend one book for an executive to read about the power of controlled experiments in business, it would be Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for Business, Politics, and Society by Jim Manzi. It’s impossible to read this book and not walk away enthused about the potential of testing and […]

This CMO wrote the book on big data marketing, literally

Lisa Arthur

As marketers, we have more data at our disposal now than our predecessors could have imagined in their wildest dreams. However, this bounty of data is not without challenges. Two recent posts I wrote on these challenge — data is the most underutilized asset in marketing and strategic data vs. data theater — were inspired […]

Conquering the challenges of social media at scale

Jeremy Epstein

“Marketing infrastructure.” Not too many years ago, that might have been nominated as an oxymoron, right up there with a deafening silence, sweet sorrow, and jumbo shrimp. But now, that’s where some of the most interesting developments in marketing are happening. Marketing operations is on the rise. Process is “the new black” in data-driven marketing. […]

When a marketing technologist is also the CMO

David Newberry

There are generally two audiences for my blog: (1) CMOs and marketing executives, who want to understand how technology fits into the bigger marketing picture; and (2) marketing technologists, who know the technology and appreciate a site dedicated to their art. Every now and again, however, I connect with someone who is both a CMO […]

Beyond the technology, the art of customer experience

Darren Guarnaccia

In the upper right of Gartner’s latest magic quadrant analysis of web content management (WCM) providers — in the top of the “leaders” quadrant — there are three companies: Adobe, SDL, and Sitecore. If you’re an enterprise marketing department looking for a web platform, odds are you’re talking with one or all of these vendors. […]