September 2008

Social media management software

At the risk of being accused of falling off the Cluetrain, I find myself increasingly wondering how much of a need there is in the world for social media management as a discipline and social media management software as a tool? I know, social marketing (technically, social media marketing) is all about genuine, authentic, transparent, distributed conversations. And somehow the notion of explicitly managing that process — especially using software to systematize or optimize it …

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Semantic data in your web site now

In my previous post, I gave a hypothetical example of how OpenCalais — the web service offered by Thompson Reuters that automatically annotates semantic metadata for regular HTML pages — might incorporate a kind of semantic advertising. However, unless you’ve personally integrated OpenCalais into your site or blog, it might have been a bit hard to visualize what exactly that semantic metadata could be. Sounds very geeky and abstract, and might leave the marketer in …

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Semantic advertising: 4 different kinds

What is "semantic advertising"? (Or, advertising encounters of a semantic kind.) The short answer: advertising that uses semantic web technology, of course. But as it turns out, that definition is highly dependent on how you define "advertising" and "semantic web". With a flurry of innovation happening in both these areas — and their intersection — there are now several different meanings for semantic advertising, depending on who you ask. Here are 4 distinct kinds of semantic advertising: #1: Contextual …

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