Semantic data in your web site now

In my previous post, I gave a hypothetical example of how OpenCalais — the web service offered by Thompson Reuters that automatically annotates semantic metadata for regular HTML pages — might incorporate a kind of semantic advertising.

However, unless you’ve personally integrated OpenCalais into your site or blog, it might have been a bit hard to visualize what exactly that semantic metadata could be. Sounds very geeky and abstract, and might leave the marketer in you wondering, “what’s the marketing value in all this?”

Until now.

Calais just launched a SemanticProxy Demo page that lets you enter any URL and see their results of all annotatable objects it found along with an approximation of “relevance” for that term. I typed in and got a whole list of:

  • companies;
  • organizations;
  • industry terms;
  • technologies;
  • people;
  • publications;
  • programming languages;
  • sports games (well, if you count “chess” as a sport);
  • countries;

…and even more interesting interrelationships between them.

Give this a try on your web site (and your competitors’) and let your imagination wander.

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