Survey: what do you think of search advertising?

I have two favors to ask of you. (Is that a bad way to start a blog post?)

I’m doing a small research project on what people think of search advertising — both marketers and non-marketers — as part of a graduate seminar at Harvard on intelligent interactive systems. There are some intriguing hypotheses I have around search advertising, which I promise to share soon… but I don’t want to influence your answers for a few questions I want to ask first.

I’ve put up on SurveyMonkey an extremely short poll of 5 questions: What Do You Think of Search Advertising.

My two favors to ask are:

1. Take the survey yourself. It will only take a minute to answer 5 multiple choice questions, and you’ll be in the drawing for a $50 gift certificate from

2. Share the link with others — including people you know who aren’t marketers — and ask them to participate. You’ll gain karma points with them if they win the $50 gift certificate. And, by helping to broaden the responses, we’ll all benefit by being able to examine better results.

Here’s a shortened link for use on Twitter (hint, hint):

I might recommend the following tweet:

Harvard study: What Do You Think of Search Ads? 5 questions, $50 drawing

The survey OPTIONALLY asks for the respondent’s email at the end, just so I can notify them if they win the drawing. Aside from that purpose, I promise not to do anything else with those email addresses — I won’t use them myself and I certainly won’t give them to anyone else. Once the survey is done and tallied, I’ll delete them.

Once I’ve got the results in, I’ll post them here — along with some of those hypotheses I alluded to earlier.

Thank you for your help!

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1 thought on “Survey: what do you think of search advertising?”

  1. Some thoughts…
    The alternatives where not mutually exclusive and not the only alternatives applicable. Maybe you are just looking for views on one specific statement, but if not, I think your answers might risk being skewed.
    Also, if you would have done the survey in SurveyPirate survey tool – you wouldn’t have had to pay when you go over 100 answers 😉
    Good luck on your research!

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