Marketing technology grows on a tree

The wonderful marketing folks at Eloqua, in collaboration with the amazingly creative team at JESS3, just released a gorgeous new infographic of blogs influencing the modern marketing space called The Blog Tree. It’s awesome.

And I’m not just gushing because I’m on it.

I’m gushing because I’m on it along with many of the blogs that I love and admire most.

Seriously, this is a great list, beautifully visualized. Thanks, Eloqua and JESS3!

The Blog Tree by Eloqua and JESS3

P.S. As I was getting ready to post this, I saw a terrific article on ReadWriteWeb, 3 Tips for Engaging Online Communities with Data Visualization, based on a presentation by Leslie Bradshaw of JESS3.

Her three points, which are manifestly evident in pieces such as The Blog Tree, are:

  1. Users make credibility-based decisions based on how something looks.
  2. As data becomes more abundant, the trick is not to make more noise, but to sound different (quoting Joe Chernov of Eloqua).
  3. The new frontier for organizations is not only cloud-based collaboration, but also social document sharing.

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3 thoughts on “Marketing technology grows on a tree”

  1. Scott,
    Thank you for the kind words and support. This project was a blast. You are right, JESS3 is amazingly creative and I am fortunate to have them as a partner. I also stumbled upon (vs StumbleUpon 😉 the ReadWriteWeb article you mentioned, and was thrilled to see that Leslie quoted me. This has been one wild day.
    But really what matters is this: the people that matter find value in the type / quality of content we are trying to produce. The world is self-referential. I am trying to focus instead on the true difference makers: people like you.
    Joe Chernov / @jchernov / Eloqua

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