Book Review: Balancing the Demand Equation

Top 10 Memorable Quotes from the CIO-CMO Forum

Yesterday, I attended Forrester’s inaugural CIO-CMO Forum. Sharyn Leaver, one of the hosts from Forrester, kicked off the event by saying, “This is the first time we’ve brought CIOs and CMOs together in the same room — hope everyone comes out alive.” Nervous laughter. And so began a fascinating day of joint CIO-CMO sessions, with […]

The new three-way: CIO, CMO & Agency

Good article on AdAge this morning, Friends With (Digital) Benefits: CMOs Link With CIOs. The article includes several great anecdotes, from both agencies and brands, talking about the increased frequency of three-way meetings — the CMO, the CIO, and the agency — all collaborating together: Agencies, especially those involved with digital work, say they’re increasingly […]

3 takeaways on advertising and trust from Nielsen

Dave Chaffey curated a great graphic from Nielsen’s most recent report on Trends in Advertising Spend and Effectiveness: As a visualization of Nielsen’s Global Online Survey of U.S. Internet consumers from Q1, there’s a lot of insight embedded here. Of course, recommendations from people I know leads by a mile — 76% of people trust […]

Marketing lessons from the CrunchFund controversy

This may be inside baseball, but I am mesmerized by the drama playing out at TechCrunch right now — and I can’t help but see a metaphor for the shift of marketing within it. The short version: TechCrunch is world’s most popular tech blog, acquired last year by AOL/Huffington Post, but largely permitted to retain […]

Computational science/computational marketing

This morning I was reading a transcript of a talk the late Jim Gray gave a few years back on eScience: A Transformed Scientific Method, and I was struck by the parallels in our current transformation of marketing. This terrific slide from Jim’s talk sums up the evolution of the paradigms of science: Although the […]