Everything is marketing, everyone must be agile

Momentarily, I’ll be delivering the closing keynote at Agile Day hosted by Valtech in Paris, talking about customer experience, agile marketing, and marketing technology — and how they’re all entwined into the new competitive landscape of business. (Agile. Marketing technology. And Paris. I may have found paradise.) Here is the slide deck from my presentation: […]

The single most valuable marketing capability today

The following is a foreword I wrote for a new Agile Marketing white paper produced by Valtech. We’re privileged to live in the most exciting time in the history of marketing. While every profession has been impacted by the explosion of ubiquitous computing and connectivity in the digital age, the impact on marketing has undoubtedly […]

The wild marketing technology alliance of Infosys and WPP

I had an interesting call earlier this week with Samson David, the global head of business platforms for Infosys. Our chat came about because Infosys, in partnership with WPP and its Fabric subsidiary, is now promoting its own marketing technology platform for major brands, BrandEdge. There are so many fascinating layers to this story, it’s […]

25% of these firms have a chief technologist in marketing

Julie Schwartz, SVP of research for the Information Technology Services Marketing Association, shared some fascinating results from a recent survey on marketing transformation they conducted with the following companies: They asked marketers in these firms about a number of different roles — community manager, social engagement leader, chief content officer, data scientist, and chief technologist: […]