10 key principles of agile marketing management

You’ve probably been hearing more about agile marketing lately. Over the past 6 months, there has been a blossoming Renaissance of discussions, writings, and events on the subject — a number of which I summed up in a recent Search England Land column, Have You Adopted Agile Marketing Yet? In a nutshell, agile marketing adapts […]

Don Draper is disgusted by the new state of marketing

A clever email marketing campaign from the folks at MarketingProfs for their upcoming B2B Forum — which makes a larger point about just how much the culture of marketing has changed. I received the following email from “Don Draper” with the subject line, “Why I’m Not Attending MarketingProfs B2B Forum,” and I just had to […]

We are the 1% (of global marketing spend)

Marketers will spend about $1 trillion this year on external costs: everything from advertising of every kind, marketing services such as direct mail and lead generation, agency fees, data and intelligence such as market research, and — at the very bottom of the stack — software and technology. In 2012, marketing technology will account for […]

Imagine 20 different technologies integrated into your website

How many different solutions do you estimate you have integrated to support your website capabilities today? How many do you anticipate you will have integrated into your website 2 years from now? For eCommerce professionals, the answers are surprising: 42% have 10 or more solutions integrated in their sites today 69% expect 10 or more […]

The Renaissance career from engineer to CMO and beyond

I’ve seen this pattern, or variations of it, with increasing frequency. I’m not saying that everyone should follow this path. There are many roads to success and life satisfaction. But the Renaissance men and women making journeys like this fascinate and inspire me. Here’s to the crazy ones.

Interested in agile marketing? Read this interview

The agile marketing movement is underway, and right in the front lines of the charge is an agile champion named Jim Ewel. Jim publishes the Agile Marketing.Net blog. He helped organize SprintZero, the first public gathering of agile marketers. He coaches companies on how to implement agile marketing through his consulting practice, Peel the Layers. […]

How to manage social media marketing (book review)

I just read Social Marketology by Ric Dragon, and I have to say, I love business books like this. It’s intelligent and practical, written in a direct yet entertaining style, and delivers meaty ideas that you can put into practice pretty much immediately. First, full disclosure, McGraw-Hill sent me a free copy of the book […]

Best marketing operations blog? Thank you!

Thank you to the readers of MarketingSherpa, who were kind enough to vote this site as the Best Marketing Operations Blog for 2012. It’s particularly humbling, because the other sites named in their “best blogs” awards include many of my favorite: Best Social Media Marketing Blog — Blue Focus Marketing Best Copywriting Blog — Copyblogger […]