He who controls the software, controls the marketing (video)

Here’s the video recording of my CreateTech presentation last month introducing marketing technologists to creative technologists. Unfortunately, the sound level is a little low and the slides aren’t in the video, but feel free to follow along with the deck below:


  1. The question you fielded at the end was a good question (about the role of agencies filling the role of the marketing technology department). Your answer makes sense, that perhaps in the long term brands that don’t “deeply own” the whole of their marketing will face challenges in creating a cohesive customer experience – BUT I think that may be more true for enterprise organizations than for the SMB space. I think many smaller organizations, without the ability to staff such a specialized position, will continue to rely on agencies to complement their marketing technology skillset for the foreseeable future – at least as long as the marketing technology landscape is as complex as it is.
    Great presentation, thanks for sharing.

  2. I reiterated my comment above, and referenced this blog post, at the end of this blog post:
    Would love to hear what you think!

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