The Golden Age of Marketing Software (video)

A couple of months ago, I was honored to be invited to present at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. I gave a 19-minute, TED-style talk on “The Golden Age of Marketing Software” — a whirlwind overview of the marketing technology landscape, the dynamics of marketing as a technology-powered discipline, and the rise of the marketing technologist.

Yes, all that in 19 minutes.

TNW professionally recorded and edited my presentation and was kind enough to make it available for anyone to watch on YouTube:

Thanks to the folks at TNW — it was a wonderful event.

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5 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Marketing Software (video)”

  1. As someone who got involved in marketing technology by chance, this is truly inspiring to watch–thank you, Scott!

  2. leadingresults

    Scott, great talk – you bring so many trends and buzz-phrases together in a way that is meaningful and understandable.

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