Lowest rates for MarTech Europe expire this Friday

MarTech Europe 2015

Ahh, summer vacation. Odds are that you either just got back from one (like me), are eagerly anticipating one just around the corner, or possibly are on one right now.

If the latter, and you’re actually reading this while you’re on vacation — wow, you are a serious martech enthusiast. You have my empathy and admiration. Now put away the computer and go enjoy the sunshine. Although, before you do, there’s just one quick thing you should take care of first.

The lowest rates for MarTech Europe, which will take place in London this October 20-21, are going to expire this Friday. This is your last chance to save 28% off of full-access tickets to the conference. If you buy now, you can then relax and enjoy the rest of your summer, secure in the knowledge that you’ve got a reserved seat at the most advanced marketing technology conference this fall — and that you got it for the best price possible.

That’s not the marketing half of my brain talking, claiming that this will be the most advanced conference on this subject. Rather, it’s the technologist half of my brain that’s worked with an incredible set of speakers and advisors to passionately craft a program with that goal in mind.

I know, there’s an amazing array of marketing conferences out there these days — sometimes several happening in the same week! So many good ones to choose from. So we have intently focused on making MarTech unique: an independent, graduate-level conference dedicated to the intersection of marketing, technology, and management.

By “graduate-level,” we mean that it’s not about introductory sessions (“Digital Marketing 101”) or superficial, high-level panel discussions that are maddeningly vague on details. We dive head-first into the meaty challenges of making marketing tech successful in a complex, rapidly changing world.

We curate a set of 20 expert talks that are each designed to impart meaningful lessons and breakthrough ideas on specific topics that cross-pollinate across the many disciplines related to this field. It’s independently programmed, with no surreptitious “pay-for-play” speaking slots or hidden vendor agendas. Almost all of our speakers are practitioners from brands, candidly sharing their real-world experience.

MarTech Europe 2015 Speakers

It’s definitely not for everyone. But if you’re serious about harnessing marketing technology as a competitive advantage, both behind-the-scenes in your marketing operations and on the front-stage with digitally-powered customer experiences, then this conference was crafted lovingly for you.

Go ahead, take a peek at the agenda. If you’re intrigued — and ready to meet several hundred of your peers who feel the same — then take this opportunity to register now.

And then go celebrate the rest of your summer. Hopefully I’ll see you in October!

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