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Delphic Digital Marketing Technology Stackie

The following is a guest post by Kevin Hanley of Delphic Digital. Delphic Digital was one of the five winners of the 2016 Stackies Awards at MarTech, and we invited them to share the rationale behind their marketing technology stack.

Mark Patten and Stackie

Is there anything more exciting than the 2016 MarTech conference in San Francisco? Maybe, but for the purpose of this blog post, let’s go with “no.”

Mark Patten (shown in photo) and I attended the show to meet with fellow unicorns marketing technologists and to participate in the 2016 Stackie Awards. The requirement for submitting work to the Stackies was to “create a single 16×9 slide that visually organizes your marketing technology stack however you think best represents the way you think of it.” We saw this as our chance to show how Delphic thinks about Marketing Technology and also contribute to a good cause. The conference offered to donate $5,000 to charity, with each of the top five Stackie winners picking a charity to receive $1,000.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

It turns out that supporting a good cause can pay off because we won! Here is our winning entry (at the top of this post). At Delphic Digital, we fuse data, storytelling, and technology to build digital bridges between our clients’ brand and their customers. In that spirit, these are the tools we use to accomplish that goal.

We view the client sales and marketing life-cycle in three buckets: Acquisition, Nurturing, and Retention. The process is continuous; we are constantly adding and upgrading the tools we use to keep the train on the track, specifically in the marketing and technology stacks that we help our clients build.

The technology used to keep our clients’ strategies on the cutting edge fall into the categories of Insights & Analytics, Communication, and Productivity.

When we guide our clients through the marketing technology landscape, we don’t only discuss what tools they want to use. And we are not simply pushing the latest and greatest without first understanding how the client envisions their digital customer experience. We ask questions like, is there a need to stand up a core piece of technology like a CRM, or should we augment what they currently have with a complimentary tool?

The Ideal Customer Experience

The ideal customer experience lives at the intersection of great content, intelligence & technology through data, and a multi-channel approach to the digital experience.

Customer Experience Sweet Spot

Each piece of the marketing technology stack should serve a specific purpose in one of these 3 categories, and, if done correctly, allows an organization to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. This is a major win in the marketing world, since the benefits go beyond online or offline analytics: You are helping people feel good about your brand by giving them exactly what they need, when they need it.

While we do have our own personal favorites, Delphic is tool-agnostic, so infinite representations of this stack are possible. Our team thoroughly enjoyed arguing over which tools belonged in which categories and the exercise opened our eyes to how the same tools can fill different roles, depending on need and position in the process.

A Marketing Stack As A Two-Dimensional Matrix

The winners of this year’s MarTech Stackie Awards were listed on chiefmartec, along with a little blurb from Scott about what made their stack stand out from the rest. Our slide appeared on the site, along with the following:

“Delphic Digital for their concept of illustrating a marketing stack as a two-dimensional matrix, indexing marketing capabilities with marketing technology products, making it easy to identify cross-capability platforms and specialized capability point solutions.”

The icing on the cake was MarTech donating $1,000 to The Philadelphia Chapter of GirlDevelopIt on behalf of Delphic Digital. What’s better than being recognized for doing great work and then being able to help a nonprofit also doing great work? Not much.

Interested in learning more about Marketing Technology? Follow along on our journey over on Twitter, Instagram, and via The Delphic Blog.

Congratulations again Kevin, Mark, and the rest of the Delphic Digital team!

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