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MarTech Speakers in the 5 Forces of Marketing Operations

Want to speak at MarTech in San Jose, April 3-5? We invite you to suggest a compelling presentation idea at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management that you’d be passionate about sharing with your peers.

Sessions at MarTech are generally 45-minute, in-depth presentations with slides by a solo or duo. (A limited number of panels may be considered, but we’re not huge fans of that format as the best way to inspire and teach our audience. However, there’s always room for an awesome exception to the rule.)

We’re looking for presentation proposals that are “graduate level” in nature — not Digital Marketing 101 — where a speaker will be able to authoritatively engage our advanced audience something new and meaningful from a vendor-neutral perspective.

Vendors: your best chance of being represented in the editorial program is to secure a brand-name customer who is willing to share their story of how they successfully applied your solution on your behalf.

Here are examples of the kinds of subject areas that we are looking to address in the agenda, but we are also open to your suggestions that fit “outside the box:”

  • Marketing & Artificial Intelligence
  • Marketing with Conversational Interfaces
  • Marketing with Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Marketing and the Internet of Things
  • Marketing Data & Analytics
  • Citizen Developers, Citizen Integrators, Citizen Data Scientists
  • Convergence of Adtech & Martech
  • Martech Architecture & Operations
  • Martech-Enabled Strategy
  • Agile & Lean Martech Management
  • The Human Side of Martech

For this next MarTech, we’ll be mapping a number of sessions into the quadrants of the 5 forces of marketing operations (formerly referred to as the “4 forces” in that link, but with Change as the force at the center). The image at the top of this post shows a few of the sessions we mapped this way for the most recent MarTech in Boston.

5 Forces of Marketing Operations

Which quadrant(s) would your talk be most relevant to? We’d love to hear your ideas.

We’re looking forward to reading your suggestions — the deadline is November 16 — thank you!


MarTech West 2019 Speaker Application

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