The Twelve Days of MarTech

The 12 Days of MarTech

Looking back over 2018, it’s been a heck of a year in the martech industry. Thank you for joining, sharing, and contributing — I’m looking gratefully at you, MarTech speakers (in the spring and fall), Stackies entrants, and martech salary survey participants — to this community.

I found myself humming this tune in the car this morning and have geekily adapted it to a summary of this year’s “greatest hits” on this blog. Feel free to sing along…

On the twelfth day of martech, my CMO gave to me…

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends and a successful New Year ahead.

P.S. Want to look ahead to a great spring in 2019? Get a super early discount on the MarTech conference in San Jose, April 3-5. Dare I suggest it’s the perfect holiday present for your whole team!

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