Dr. Martech and Mr. Hype: A Transformational Webinar

Dr. Martech and Mr. Hype

I spend a lot of time debating dichotomies with myself:

So as I find myself contemplating what the decade ahead holds for the martech industry and profession, I thought I’d invite you into the conversation.

The previous decade saw the rise of the marketing technologist and the birth of a $100+ billion marketing technology industry with over 7,000 solutions. What does this next decade hold for the field?

We face two competing themes. One: much-needed maturing of the martech profession and martech vendor landscape, bringing us greater structure, stability, and discipline. The other: further martech disruption as new technologies, new regulations, and new approaches to business continue to change marketing as know it.

Can these two themes be reconciled?

Join me on Tuesday, February 18 at 1:00pm EST for an unvarnished 45-minute webinar, where I will take the role of both Dr. Martech and Mr. Hype — with sincere apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson — to discuss practical and reasonable strategies for marketing operations and technology management with one hat, while simultaneously embracing the promise of exciting, new innovations with another.

Dr. Martech will champion sound advice:

  • Rationalizing your martech stack
  • Upskilling your marketing organization
  • Complying with privacy and security requirements

Mr. Hype will encourage more of a walk on the wild side:

  • Emerging technologies that will continue to change marketing even more
  • The exponential explosion of “citizen developers” and “marketing makers”
  • What’s happening in the martech landscape this year that may surprise you

Can these struggling martech personas converge into one coherent webinar? Sign up and find out. I’ll we’ll see you on the 18th.

In the meantime, a flashback to the 80’s, in the name of science and all its wonders:

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