7 really bad martech “dad jokes” for Father’s Day

Martech Dad Jokes

The best part of being a dad? Well, okay, maybe not the best, but somewhere in the top five. A legitimate excuse for telling “dad jokes.” So to celebrate Father’s Day here at chiefmartec.com, I proudly offer up seven impromptu and — oof — truly terrible martech dad jokes…


What’s the best place on earth for marketing technology?
Mmm, Arctic Circle.


Why did the marketer close his eyes in the restroom?
He didn’t want to CDP.


What did the marketer say when offered one more app at the dinner party?
“I pass.”


Did you hear about that new iPaaS that’s even better than Zapier?


What did the overconfident marketer say when asked in a job interview if he understood software development?
“Oh, sure, I no code.”


Why did the marketing operations director study philosophy?
She wanted to learn how to rationalize a stack.


Who did the marketing technologist hire to see if her boyfriend was cheating on her?


Hey, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Can you do better?

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