Announcing The Martech Show: Pilot episode on August 21 at 11am ET — join the live studio audience

The Martech Show: Episode #1

Pop quiz, hot shot. You find yourself with a ton of important martech topics to cover, an amazing roster of talented leaders eager to address those topics with their peers, and no venue to gather them together with the broader martech community. What do you do?

(An aside: I thought the sequel to the movie “Speed” should have been “Speed and Scale.”)

Answer: Why, like everybody else stuck in their basement, start a podcast!

Well, kind of.

I’m going to launch a “show.” The Martech Show, actually. It will consist of 10 episodes for the remainder of 2020. We’ll experiment with the format, but imagine a blend of webinar (with educational slides you can download), candid podcast-style interviews, interactive Q&A with the audience, some group research (answer one key question per episode), and even a little improv comedy.

We’ll generally air one episode every two weeks. This will give us time to lovingly prepare each one and give us space to engage in follow-up conversations on other channels. Most of these topics aren’t once-and-done discussions.

The pilot episode will launch on August 21 at 11am ET. Jeff Eckman of Blue Green will be my guest, and we’re going to tackle the question: Why the !@#* are there 8,000 martech solutions?

Love or hate it, the martech landscape reveals the dynamics of an industry in transition. We’ll help you crack the code on what it means and how you can harness it to your advantage.

If you join us live in the studio audience — well, virtually live over Zoom that is — you can weigh in with your questions and commentary in real time. We’ll promote attendees who want to engage to panelists, so we can have a lively conversation together.

Sign up for free to join the live studio audience here.

100% of sponsorship for The Martech Show in 2020 will be donated

This has been a really hard year for a lot of people, both with the pandemic and the struggle for racial justice and equality. If there were ever a time to support important causes, this is that time.

My limited talent is martech nerdery, but I can contribute that.

So 100% of any and all sponsorships this year for The Martech Show will be donated.

Here’s how it will work. If your company wants to sponsor an episode of The Martech Show, you’ll choose a non-profit related to the pandemic and/or racial justice and equality and commit to a donation to them on behalf of the show. The amount of the donation is flexible, although I’ll only accept sponsor offers that are meaningful.

In exchange, you’ll be the sole sponsor for that episode. You’ll join me on the show for a short fireside chat segment, where we’ll have a conversation about something that we agree would be genuinely useful for the audience. Probably not a product pitch. But a concept, an idea, an insight, a challenge. Something good.

You’ll also get to give a shout-out to the cause you chose to support with your sponsorship. Maybe others in the audience would be willing to contribute to it as well. (“Enjoyed this episode? Chip in $20 for…”)

Since this is a brand new show, I have no idea if this will work, or what the size of the audience will ultimately be. So as a sponsor, you’d have to take a chance. But if it does work, it could be good for everyone:

  • You get to reach The Martech Show audience with a meaningful discussion
  • The cause you support gets a boost from your donation and hopefully from others too
  • The audience learns something interesting and supports a good cause with their time
  • I get to put my martech nerdery to some good use

For a little scarcity nudge: I’m only doing 10 episodes of The Martech Show this year, with room only one sponsor each. So if you want one of those spots, you might want to reach out soon.

First episode goes live Friday, August 21 at 11:00am ET. Sign up here.

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