The Martech Show Episode #4: Avoiding Bias and BS in AI and Machine Learning

How Bias Creeps Into AI and Machine Learning in Martech

Okay, the original title for this episode was, “Marketing Has a Data Farm: AI, AI, Oh!” — the kind of whimsical play on words that amuses me to no end. (I know, my bar for self-amusement is pretty low.) We intended to discuss how marketing is harnessing its troves of data through real-world examples of AI and machine learning models.

However, with Christopher Penn, co-founder and chief data scientist of Trust Insights as our editorial guest — and a true expert on the subject of AI and machine learning in marketing — I let the conversation drift to topics that Christopher felt particularly passionate about:

  1. How to detect BS in AI sales pitches from martech vendors.
  2. The many ways in which bias can slip into machine learning — and the terrible consequences that can happen when it does.

These are both important issues, and Christopher did an excellent job explaining different kinds of AI/ML bias and how they can creep in. One of the examples he shared was particularly eye-opening. Don’t let your brand accidentally end up featured in a presentation that way.

Christopher also shared solid advice for marketers concerned about losing their jobs to AI.

Cuspera sponsored this episode by making a donation to World Central Kitchen on behalf of the show. (Thank you!) Founder and CEO Subbu Vempati joined us for the second half of the discussion.

Here’s the full show:

This Friday, we’ll be recording The Martech Show Episode #5 — 5 Martech Trends for the Decade Ahead: The Agency View featuring Jason Baldwin, head of product management at WPP. Jason and I have been collaborating on a “Martech 2030” project, part of which was shared in my opening keynote at the MarTech Conference this past week. We’ll dig into what these trends mean for the future of marketing agencies.

Come join us in the live (virtual) studio audience and ask Jason and myself questions on this topic. It will be a lively discussion, I’m sure.

The Martech Show Episode #5

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