#MartechDay: The 2022 Martech Landscape, State of Martech Report, Stackies, and more

Martech Day 2022

There’s a day for everything.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Sword Swallowers Day. No Pants Day.

But there’s no official day on the calendar to acknowledge and celebrate the martech profession and all the wonderful, talented people who work in it. Not to take anything away from National Artichoke Day, but I think marketing technology and operations pros are far more deserving of recognition than those thorny, bitter greens.

So let’s rectify that.

Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe and I propose that the first Tuesday in May — this year, May 3 — henceforth be known as International Martech Day. #MartechDay

To celebrate the inaugural #MartechDay, Frans and I are planning a few things:

  • The release of the brand-new 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape
  • The release of an accompanying 2022 State of Martech Report
  • The ceremony for the 2022 Stackies: Marketing Tech Stack Awards
  • A live (and lively!) webinar on May 3 which will include all of the above

All of these will be completely free, our contribution to the martech community that we both love. We are also immensely grateful for the financial support of six terrific martech sponsors — SAS, Workato, Amplitude, OfferFit, Goldcast, and one more to be announced — helping to defray the costs of our research.

Register here for our May 3 webinar. You’ll also get the first copies of the 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape and our 2022 State of Martech Report.

The 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape

What will the 2022 martech landscape look like?

Our last marketing technology landscape was produced in 2020, visualizing 8,000 different martech solutions. I skipped doing one in 2021 — a martech landscape sabbatical year — because honestly, the scale of this project had gotten overwhelming. Even for me, as big of a martech nerd as you’re likely to find.

But last year, I started collaborating with Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe, who is also a pretty big martech nerd. Frans has been producing a European martech landscape for several years, including a dozen country-specific landscapes (France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain, etc.).

Frans rekindled my passion for this project, and he had some seriously exciting ideas about how to evolve it into something more scalable and, ultimately, more useful. So we joined forces and, along with a number of expert contributors, are rolling towards an epic release of the 2022 martech landscape on #MartechDay.

So what will the 2022 marketing technology landscape look like? How many solutions will it cover? What new patterns will emerge? And how will Frans and I live up to the promise of making it more useful?

You’ll have to wait until #MartechDay, May 3, to find out. Come register!

However, if you have additions or updates to the martech landscape that you want to suggest, please fill out this form.

Everything Else on #MartechDay

In addition to the 2022 martech landscape and the accompanying State of Martech Report, we’ll also be announcing the winners of the 2022 Stackie Awards on #MartechDay. And, of course, publishing all of the Stackie entries for everyone to share.

2022 Martech Stackie Awards

A Stackie is a single slide of a company’s martech stack — visually represented any way they find insightful and compelling. There’s no fee to enter The Stackies. On the contrary, we donate $100 to a charity for each qualified entry, up to a total of $10,000. (Given the terrible situation in Ukraine, this year we are making the donations to the International Rescue Committee.)

Here are more details of the Stackies and how to participate.

But all that is just what Frans and I are doing to celebrate #MartechDay. We hope many others will join in with their own celebrations. Take your marketing ops team out to lunch. Send them flowers, chocolate, or wine. Host your own meet-up with other martech pros in your area.

Martech is an incredible field — but an exhausting one too. Let’s take one day a year, #MartechDay, to officially cheer ourselves on.

Frans and I hope to see you on May 3 — but don’t forget to register!

P.S. By the way, May 3 is also National Paranormal Day, National Lumpy Rug Day, National Chocolate Custard Day, and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. (Admittedly, these are all US holidays… take that for what you will.)

It is technically possible to celebrate all five of these holidays simultaneously — tracking a “ghost” in your martech stack, while sitting on a lumpy rug, eating chocolate custard, and wearing two different colored shoes. Kudos to those of you who pull that off. Please post pictures.

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