January 2011

Thinking of marketing technology as a platform

Later this week, I’ll be publishing a marketing technologist interview with Cleve Gibbon, the CTO of Cognifide. As a sneak preview for that, I’d like to share with you Cleve’s presentation from last week at the Adobe Partner Community Day in Barcelona. Cleve’s presentation — building a marketing technology platform for engaging global brands — offers some excellent insights into a “platform” view of marketing technology, especially around going from content management to customer experience …

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The Mother of All Post-Click Marketing Diagrams

For my latest column on Search Engine Land, I sketched out a post-click marketing heuristic to help visualize the different factors at work in conversion optimization. Or, as I call it more informally, The Mother of All Post-Click Marketing Diagrams (click to enlarge): To read the article that explains this diagram, click over to Search Engine Land. P.S. If you’re a professional designer and my PowerPoint-based illustration makes you cringe, I’d be thrilled to have …

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To marketing, then IT, and back again (interview)

For this week’s marketing technologist interview, we move in-house to talk with someone who’s balanced the relationship between marketing and IT on the front-line. In fact, he’s worked for marketing, then IT, and then marketing again — all with the same mission. I’m thrilled to have Eric Long, an experienced online marketer, information architect, and web strategist share his perspective with us. Eric is the Senior Manager of E-Business for the Decor Global Business Unit …

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A marketing technologist’s Swiss Army knife

If I had a litmus test for marketing technologists, it would be this: do you use Firebug? Firebug — in case you don’t know — is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that gives you a wealth of tools for peeking at, poking into, and debugging HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the underlying network activity going on in your web browser. If you’re a web developer, this is almost certainly already in your toolbox. But …

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The “rocket scientists” of marketing (interview)

If you want an example of how a marketing technologist can rise to an executive leadership role in a billion dollar company, you need not look any further than today’s guest for our marketing technologist interview series: Brad Terrell. Brad is VP & General Manager of the Digital Media business unit at Netezza — a firm recently acquired by IBM for $1.7 billion. He is responsible for maximizing the value Netezza delivers to digital media …

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Box.net CEO: The new reality of IT lives outside IT

Aaron Levie, the CEO of co-founder of Box.net — and a self-acknowledged purveyor of “shadow IT” — wrote a terrific post for the Fortune Tech blog on CNNMoney.com today: To save the IT department, blow up the IT department. On a daily basis, a select group of individuals are making technology decisions on behalf of their entire organization. They’re implementing services to solve real business problems, sometimes under the guidance of their IT department, but …

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Marketing Technologist: Jonathan Mendez

Today we’re launching a series of interviews highlighting marketing technologists — who are they, what they do, and how they got there. We have a terrific line up of interviewees and plan to publish one a week for the next several months. Our inaugural interview is with Jonathan Mendez, a quintessential marketing technologist. Jonathan is the Founder & CEO of Yieldbot — an innovative “real-time intent engine” for online advertising — and publishes the popular …

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Experimental marketing: 1 out of 20 ain’t bad

If you think a hit rate of 1 out of 20 for marketing ideas is a poor showing, go Elf Yourself. No, really. Take a lesson from OfficeMax’s “Elf Yourself” holiday campaign, that has been a viral brand marketing hit for four Christmas seasons in a row. The www.elfyourself.com web site lets people upload photos of themselves, friends, family, pets, etc., and transpose their faces onto animated dancing elves — and then share those e-cards …

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8 things every marketing technologist should know

The term “marketing technologist” is sometimes broadly interpreted as anyone who wields technology in the marketing domain. However, since everyone in marketing should be doing that to some degree these days, it makes sense to distinguish what a marketing technologist does above and beyond that. I’ve drafted a set of skills and knowledge that I propose delineate a marketing technologist: In the inner ring are eight areas of expertise that I think every marketing technologist …

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