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MarTech Europe

The marketing technology industry — now affectionately called “martech” — is truly a global phenomenon. We’re seeing tremendous marketing innovation across every region of the world. And while some of the dynamics of this new brand of marketing are universal, many of the most creative and interesting ideas emerge from the adaptation of these new capabilities in different cultures and markets.

Technology and Culture Intersection

That is one of the primary reasons that I am so incredibly excited for the MarTech Europe conference that will take place in London this fall, October 20-21. As with previous MarTech events, it’s an opportunity to cross-pollinate concepts, approaches, and experiences — between marketers and technologists, inventors and adopters, marketing executives and operational managers, and front-office and back-office technology leaders — around three core topics:

  • marketing technology
  • marketing operations
  • marketing innovation

But with MarTech Europe, I believe we have the added opportunity to cross-pollinate across many varied perspectives and experiences with far greater fluidity than anywhere else on the planet. Europe’s combined diversity and proximity of so many different cultures is unique and wondrous. It’s a powerful crucible for innovation — and it can teach us a tremendous amount about technology adaptation in a kaleidoscope of different contexts.

If you work in the intersection of marketing of technology in Europe, and you would like to share your experience and insights with your peers, I encourage you to submit your ideas to our open call-for-speakers — starting today through 12 June.

We’re primarily looking for:

  1. Marketing executives who can share how they have developed their organizations to better harness technology and data, particularly along the dimensions of team structures, processes, and people.
  2. IT executives who have successfully partnered with their counterparts in marketing and can share the technical and management frameworks they use in their collaboration.
  3. Marketing technologists and marketing operations leaders who can describe the approaches they have used to successfully operationalize marketing technology — the challenges they’ve encountered and the solutions they’ve implemented.
  4. Agency and marketing service provider executives who have pioneered new ways of collaborating with brands around marketing technology and have helped companies navigate their digital transformation.
  5. Subject matter experts in marketing technology-related fields such as agile and lean management, user experience (UX) design in marketing, marketing innovation programs and “labs,” emerging marketing technologies, data science in marketing, the collision of adtech and martech, and multi-channel marketing campaign development.

The format for almost all of the sessions will be 20-minute, TED-style talks — where a solo presenter shares their story and ideas around a very focused topic with the entire audience. In a few cases, we will have a panel discussion among several speakers, when that seems like the better format for revealing a topic with multiple perspectives.

As with previous MarTech events, I recommend that speakers propose “graduate level” talks. Most of the attendees will already be quite experienced with digital marketing — our goal is to provide them with a forum in which more advanced topics around marketing technology can be discussed.

Because MarTech is a vendor neutral conference, marketing technology vendors who wish to share their ideas are strongly encouraged to find a customer of theirs who is willing to present about their particular implementation. Any proposed session that seems to be a veiled pitch for a particular vendor’s solution will not be accepted.

The submission process is as simple as sending an email to with the following details:

  • Title of proposed talk
  • Short description of proposed talk
  • Company and title of speaker
  • Short bio of speaker
  • Country in which speaker is based
  • Links to videos or slides of previous talks
  • Speaker’s direct email address
  • Speaker’s Twitter account
  • Email address and phone number of speaker’s contact

We’re looking forward to reading your ideas — and hopefully hearing you speak this fall!

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  1. hi scott
    I just launched a book called “the Inbound Marketing according to the strategy of the Sherpa”(see on Amazon)
    it is written in French but i already made some lectures in Boston (Inbound Marketing Convention last september in Boston) and also in Kolkata in India.-of course in English

    This new approach lets Kotler far behind because now we enter into a Marketing of the Offer instead of a Marketing of the Need.And all changes.

    Could i have some more information about your Convention and about my eventual lecture..and also the Financial conditions granted for me
    Thank you
    Bonne Journée
    gabriel Szapiro

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