Free ebook: 5 Disruptions Reshaping Marketing as We Know It

5 Disruptions Reshaping Marketing as We Know It (ebook)

Last December, I wrote a 5-part series on 5 Disruptions to Marketing — the big changes that are rehaping the nature of the marketing industry and profession today. And earlier this year, on Valentine’s Day, I gave an hour-long webinar on the subject. (What can I say? I have the hots for martech.)

The good folks at Third Door Media — the producers of the MarTech conference and the publishers of MarTech Today — took the raw material of that blog series and the webinar and turned it into a beautiful 20-page ebook: 5 Disruptions Reshaping Marketing as We Know It, which you can freely download (just click that link). It’s a distilled version of the key ideas of these disruptions in a format that is easy to share with colleagues.

One of the reasons that they produced this ebook was to promote the upcoming MarTech conference — May 9-11, 2017 in San Francisco. If you work at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management, this is the event for you. I recently posted a 6,000-word deep dive of all the amazing speakers and presentaqtions we’ll have there.

If you download the ebook and go to the last page, you’ll find a promotional code that you can use to take $100 off the price of an all-access pass. (A free ebook — no lead gen form required — and a $100 discount: what a deal!)

For an even better deal on this upcoming MarTech conference — and to reserve yourself a seat (and a hotel room) — register by April 1 (no, not fooling) to get the early bird “beta rate” on tickets.

Prefer to watch/listen instead of read? Here’s an updated version of the Valentine’s Day webinar we recorded:

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2 thoughts on “Free ebook: 5 Disruptions Reshaping Marketing as We Know It”

  1. Scott,

    Thoughtful research and insights. Thank you.

    On page 8 Fig. 5 there is a typo in the image header – Architecture vs. Leverage — Best-of-Breed Winds.

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