Last chance to enter The Stackies: Org Edition to win #MarTech glory

The Stackies: Tech Edition & Org Edition

Want to contribute to the MarTech community? We’ve extended the deadline of The Stackies: Org Edition to midnight on Friday, September 29.

This is your chance to share your ideas on marketing structures and/or processes that take full advantage of what modern marketing technology makes possible.

You’ve seen The Stackies: Tech Edition — dozens and dozens of examples of marketing tech stacks — each one a single slide that illustrates the different marketing technologies that a marketing team uses together.

For The Stackies: Org Edition, we’re asking contributors to send in a single slide that illustrates some aspect of their “org stack” — the way that they organize and operate marketing in today’s environment.

To give you some ideas of what an “org stack” might look like, here are two of the first entries we’ve received (you can click on these for larger versions):

TOPdesk Org Stack for MarTech

Eric Pols of TOPdesk sent in the above org chart. It’s fascinating how many insights can be gleaned from this standard format: product management within marketing, Scrum teams running agile marketing (including brand management activities!), web developers working within the marketing department.

Here’s another:

B2B Marketing Flywheel Org Stack for MarTech

This B2B Marketing Flywheel above by Todd Ebert, a seasoned tech CMO and digital leader, organizes marketing into four primary areas of related activities: product marketing, demand generation, sales enablement, and brand and reputation buildings. It’s great to see the specific responsibilities under each of these headings, as well as the “interfaces” to other departments — product management, IT, sales ops, and investor relations.

Martech, content, data, CX, and web presence are at the center, supporting all of these activities, with a common vision of the brand (position, message, identity, creative) at its very core.

Dun & Bradstreet Marketing Org Stack Featuring Martech

Want more inspiration? For another great example of an org stack, check out Dun & Bradstreet’s Org Stack.

Rishi Dave, the CMO of Dun & Bradstreet, will be one of our keynote speakers at the MarTech conference in Boston in a couple of weeks, October 2-4.

We’ll be discussing the ideas behind his org stack on stage, so it will be a great chance to really dig into the thinking behind their visualization.

It’s not too late for you to contribute to The Stackies: Org Edition. As you can see from the three different examples above, you have creative license to visualize any facet of your marketing organization’s people and process dynamics that you’d like.

Women Who Code

In fact, creative license is strongly encouraged — and may be ultimately rewarded with the glory of a Stackie trophy too. (And if not glory, certainly gratitude.)

I hope you’ll share something! Entry form is here. Deadline is September 29.

P.S. For every entry into The Stackies: Org Edition, we’ll donate $100 to Women Who Code, up to $10,000.

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