The 2010 marketing technology proto-landscape did consolidate by 61%

Marketing Technology Companies Consolidated from 2010-2017

Officially, my first published marketing technology landscape graphic was in 2011. That was the one where I categorized around 150 marketing technology companies. My most recent one, produced in collaboration with Anand Thaker, was released in May 2017 with nearly 5,000 marketing technology companies on it. By sheer quantity of logos, it got 32 times […]

Facebook vs. Blockchain: it’s a matter of trust

Facebook vs. Blockchain

The following is a guest post contributed by Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, a growth marketing advisory firm focused 100% on blockchain and decentralized technologies. He presented at the MarTech conference in Boston earlier this month on Blockchain and the CMO: The Next Era of Marketing. Much has been written about the Russia-Facebook […]

Martech and the modern marketing org (study results)

Marketing Technology Teams

At the MarTech conference in Boston earlier this month, we unveiled the winners of The Stackies: Org Edition. 12 companies contributed slides illustrating how they approach their martech-enabled organizations, including Allocadia, CA Technologies, Dun & Bradstreet, The New England Journal of Medicine Group, Reduxio, and Uberflip. But not everyone was comfortable publicly sharing how their […]

12 org stacks reveal people-process-technology triangles at #MarTech

The Stackies: Org Edition (2017) at MarTech

We kicked off MarTech East in Boston on Monday with an awards ceremony for The Stackies: Org Edition. While the previous versions of this awards program encouraged marketers to share visualizations of their marketing technology stacks, this one invited people to share ideas about how their marketing organizations are conceived. We wanted to shed light […]

Call for speakers for MarTech West in San Jose, April 23-25

The MarTech Community

Tomorrow we kick off MarTech East in Boston. It’s going to be an amazing three days — largely due to the amazing speakers who are contributing their experience and insights to the community. Would you like to be one of those contributors for our next event, MarTech West in San Jose, April 23-25? We invite […]