The explosion of code — and “no code” — in marketing and martech, presented at TEDx Boca Raton

Scott Brinker's Martech Talk at TEDx Boca Raton

I love TED Talks. They have such a great format for packing a really interesting phenomenon, observation, or story into ~15 minutes of focused narrative. Giving one myself — even an independent TEDx Talk — has long been something I’ve aspired to. And so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do so at TEDx Boca Raton earlier this fall with a presentation on how Everyone is a Software Developer now.

Here’s my attempt to give a general audience insight into the explosion of code in marketing — and the next wave of “no code” app creation across our profession in 13 minutes:


  1. Travis Wright says:

    Congrats Scott!! Great job.

  2. Mark Reidy says:

    Great talk Scott. I’ve already shared it with my team 🙂

  3. Scott, brilliant and on-point, as always. Love your talking points about marketers evolving into analytical, software professionals (automation, programming, etc.).

  4. Excellent talk Scott, thank you.

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