The Martech Show Episode #12: Martech Wars on the Web

The Martech Show Episode #12: Martech Wars on the Web

On its surface, the martech landscape graphic I’ve produced for the past decade has limited insights to offer. If you observe that (a) “there are a @&#$% of martech solutions” and (b) “the overall martech field is growing, not shrinking” you’ve pretty much got the main takeaways.

See platform dynamics driving martech app expansion and consolidation explained in one (relatively) simple model for my current best answer as to “why?!?” that is the case.

But there are deeper insights to be mined. Oren Greenberg, founder of growth marketing consultancy Kurve, took the raw data of the landscape from over the past several years and matched it with web traffic data from SimilarWeb. He then analyzed the industry through the lens of which vendors — and categories of vendors — were getting traffic and how those traffic patterns were changing over time.

Martech Categories Growing in Web Traffic

His research revealed a number of interesting patterns — some of which were predictable, but a few that were counterintuitive.

I was thrilled that Oren agreed to join me on the latest episode of The Martech Show to walk through his findings and debate the implications.

You can watch the full episode below. Also, if you hop over to Kurve, you can sign up to receive a copy of Oren’s report that he’ll be publishing in the near future.

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