Join us at MarTech next week, online and for free, and catch my keynote: From Big Data to Big Ops

MarTech Fall 2021 Keynote

Join us next Tuesday and Wednesday, September 14-15, for the latest MarTech Conference event — online and completely free to attend.

With over 75 sessions, over 100 expert speakers, and more than 50 terrific solution providers, it’s going to be a jam-packed couple of days. Join us live for virtual ambiance — or, if you can’t squeeze it all into your schedule, simply register and catch up on any and all of these sessions on-demand at your convenience.

If you want to catch me live virtually, my latest keynote, From Big Data to Big Ops: The New Foundations of Marketing & Customer Experience, will start broadcasting at 4:45pm Eastern time on Tuesday:

Marketing Ops. Sales Ops. RevOps. DevOps. Ops roles are blossoming everywhere, as the architects and orchestrators of digital business. They’re leading a shift from “Big Data” to “Big Ops” — the systems, processes, and organizational structures that harness the hundreds of agents, algorithms, apps, and automations, all running simultaneously in the modern firm. Big Ops is the foundation upon which marketing and customer experience is now being built. Marketing leaders must understand these new capabilities, and how to develop and apply them, in order to deliver on the promise of delighting customers in a massively complex digital world.

By attending this keynote, you will learn about:

  • The complexity underpinning marketing today — and making it a competitive advantage
  • The splendid variety of ops roles relevant to marketing and the shared DNA among them
  • The powerful entanglement between product and marketing through DevOps and RevOps
  • How to effectively govern a large and heterogeneous tech stack as a virtual platform
  • Balancing centralization and decentralization to empower a distributed workforce

Right after my keynote, we’ll roll into a celebration of the 2021 Stackie Awards. There were some truly fantastic entries this year from many of the best companies in the world. Don’t miss the unveiling!

Register for free to catch these sessions and many more — I hope to “see” you there!

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