13 cringe-worthy martech dad jokes that are even worse than last year’s

Martech Dad Jokes 2021

Last year, we celebrated Father’s Day here at chiefmartec.com by subjecting you, dear reader, whose esteem we otherwise value, to 7 really bad martech “dad jokes”.

It was… well, possibly one of the least popular posts in the history of this blog. But as any seasoned dad-joker will attest, the lack of a positive response to a dad joke is an implicit invitation to double-down on further embarrassingly sad puns, innuendo, and wordplay.

Challenge accepted! So hold your nose and scroll down:


How do you keep your marketing data clean?


To what did the marketing ops couple credit their marriage?
Last touch attribution.


What did Emma’s parents say when she told them she got a job in martech?
“We’re so happy to see our Em succeed!”


What was Emma’s nickname, doing public relations at a channel management software company?
PR Em.


Why did the CMO want a marketing ops leader with different political views?
She was hiring for a loyal ops position.


What did the marketing ops consultant say when she saw her client’s content library was completely disorganized?


Why did the marketer go visit her old boyfriend?
Everyone kept saying “CX.”


What martech category was founded in Sleepy Hollow, NY?
Headless CMS.


How bad was that last joke?
Icky bad.


What did the Zoom-weary marketer yell at the mime in the park?
“You’re on mute!”


Where do you board the martech train?
On the platform.


Why did the martech professional love visiting canyons?
For their great echo systems.


What digital profession attracts race car drivers?


Congratulations for making it all the way to end. That’s a slog that rivals counting all the logos on the marketing technology landscape.

Best wishes for a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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