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A striking example of the power and peril of data

Here’s a parting story from 2012 that I think sets the stage for a major theme of 2013: data has power. Last week a newspaper in New York published an interactive map of gun permit owners in Westchester and Rockland counties. It made it effortless for anyone to see who has a gun permit in their neighborhood, with names and addresses. While this is not the first time such information has been put online, this …

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Data as a new marketing channel

Marketers love data. Web analytics, behavioral targeting, social media monitoring, audience measurement, and ever-expanding CRMs are all testament to the demand for more data about prospects and customers. But that kind of data flows one-way: from the outside world into marketing. However, a new way of marketing with data is emerging that heralds a more significant shift for marketing — and for the web itself. It’s about reversing the flow, having marketing publish data to …

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15 sessions on marketing and the semantic web

Looking for a conference that really pushes the envelope of digital marketing? Last year, I gave a talk at the Semantic Technology Conference on marketing in the semantic web. At the time, the topic was in its infancy. But as predicted, a lot happens in one year. This June, at the 2010 Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco, there is now a whole track dedicated to this subject, Marketing in the Web 3.0 World. And, …

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Business models for linked data and web 3.0

In January, I wrote a post on 7 business models for linked data (with an 8th model added shortly thereafter). Although far from comprehensive, it attempted to illustrate the range of direct revenue vs. indirect revenue models that could justify development of linked data initiatives. A number of people from the linked data community contributed feedback and suggestions of additional models, including Leigh Dodds (Thoughts on Linked Data Business Models), Paul Groth (Another 5 Linked …

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Data marketing for Web 3.0

I just finished up my presentation on data marketing at the Web 3.0 Conference, and I thought I’d share it here as well. Web 3.0 Data Marketing View more presentations from sjbrinker. I’ll recap what I said to accompany the above slides, a kind of running commentary like they have on DVD’s. I’ll put slide numbers in brackets, like [4] for slide #4, so you can follow along. Marketing with Linked Data I want to …

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Linked data lab at MIT was excellent

Earlier this month, MIT ran a special Linked Data Product Development Lab during their Independent Activities Period (IAP). The lab brought together an eclectic mix of students and alumni, engineers and entrepreneurs, for a week of lectures, hands-on workshops, and collaborative team projects — all focused on the present-day capabilities of linked data. Sir Tim Berners-Lee kicked off the event with an inspiring talk about the vision of linked data. I had the pleasure of …

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On Her Majesty’s linked data service

Earlier today, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt posted a great article on The Guardian’s Data Blog, Our manifesto for government data. They announced the public availability of the U.K.’s beta site, a cornucopia of over 2,500 data sets of government data — everything from agriculture statistics to workplace employment by industry — open to anyone to use. It’s a great example of the 8th business model for data. And most of it adheres …

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The 8th linked data business model

In response to my post on linked data business models, Leigh Dodds at Talis wrote a terrific piece with his thoughts on the business of linked data. Leigh presents a number of great ideas that I think really carry the conversation forward. One of his points is that I overlooked an important model, what he calls the “sponsorship model.” Under this model, a government entity or a non-profit organization has a funded mandate to deliver …

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7 business models for linked data

Now that major companies are implementing linked data, and more marketing thought leaders are championing data as an outward-facing competitive advantage, the question I’m hearing more frequently is: How do you turn data into revenue? Creating, publishing, and maintaining data takes work. What are the economic incentives for companies to put in the effort? Here’s my take on 7 business models for data web initiatives: I’ve organized these by how revenue is generated, from direct …

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