Director of Marketing Technology job at a law firm (sample)

Every so often, I do a search for phrases such as director of marketing technology to find companies that are embracing the marketing-technology hybrid model at relatively high levels in their management structure.

Like the concept of a chief marketing technologist, these roles aren’t IT jobs with matrix responsibility for a few marketing systems, and they aren’t marketing positions with only superficial responsibility for sourcing related IT. These are equal weight — or much closer to equal weight than in previous org charts — technology and marketing leadership roles that have both strategic marketing responsibility and real-world technology expertise to direct the combination of the two for competitive advantage.

I recently came across this job post, and thought it would be worth sharing. It’s not particularly detailed, but it captures the essence of marketing technology management:

Our client, a major law firm, is seeking a Director of Marketing Technology and Business Intelligence. This position, reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, can be located anywhere in the United States, with the firm preferring the position be located in either Los Angeles or New York.

I know, large law firms are used to being spread out, but I find it remarkable that this is envisioned as a potentially virtual position (albeit with up to 50% travel). Reporting directly to the CMO: perfect. Great to see business intelligence merged into this position as well. The job itself:

The overall responsibility of this position is to work with the firm’s management as well as within practice groups to streamline technology and systems that support client development and retention, media relations and marketing communications. The specific responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • partner with the firm’s leadership to create strategy for firm-wide marketing systems and processes;
  • provide advice and consultation to departments and partnership regarding transition of the firm to a more market-driven organization;
  • lead the firm’s CRM activities;
  • address special research and training needs;
  • work closely with attorneys, firm management and marketing team members to develop business plans and models;
  • track, analyze and report results to practice group leaders and other appropriate employees.

A four-year college degree and a minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience is required. An MBA is desirable.

And the money?

Salary between $150,000 to $175,000 per year.

Not too shabby. Enough to inspire more people to pursue a career in this intersection?

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2 thoughts on “Director of Marketing Technology job at a law firm (sample)”

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  2. Scott –
    Loved your presentation at PivotCon and love the notion of the marketer is technologist! I’m faced with this myself right now. My client wants to bring me on to do this very thing. They cannot articulate what it is, but they want me to define the role. They told me that they want me to lead “all things digital” or “all things online” for their organization. In order for me to respond to them with a definition I’m searching online for some help. What is the value of this position to an organization? What is the industry standard for compensation for such leadership positions? Any help you can provide would certainly go a long way in helping me position myself with my client so as to elevate the importance of this role in every organization. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon. have a good day!

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