Ratings in Google search ads address trust

I woke up this morning to read an incredibly exciting story on Search Engine Land, Yelp Ratings Appear In Google AdWords. This may be one of the most game changing experiments in the history of advertising. Here’s why. Last year, I did a research project on people’s attitudes towards sponsored search advertising, which led to […]

Data marketing for Web 3.0

I just finished up my presentation on data marketing at the Web 3.0 Conference, and I thought I’d share it here as well. Web 3.0 Data Marketing View more presentations from sjbrinker. I’ll recap what I said to accompany the above slides, a kind of running commentary like they have on DVD’s. I’ll put slide […]

Linked data lab at MIT was excellent

Earlier this month, MIT ran a special Linked Data Product Development Lab during their Independent Activities Period (IAP). The lab brought together an eclectic mix of students and alumni, engineers and entrepreneurs, for a week of lectures, hands-on workshops, and collaborative team projects — all focused on the present-day capabilities of linked data. Sir Tim […]

On Her Majesty’s linked data service

Earlier today, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt posted a great article on The Guardian’s Data Blog, Our manifesto for government data. They announced the public availability of the U.K.’s beta data.gov.uk site, a cornucopia of over 2,500 data sets of government data — everything from agriculture statistics to workplace employment by industry — open […]

Appoint a marketing technology czar

Avi Dan has a great article that was published yesterday in Advertising Age, Why Brands Should Embrace Technological Change. It’s an excellent piece talking about the rapid shifts in marketing technology and encouraging CMOs to embrace the phenomenon with all their heart (and all their organizational structure). I was pleased to see him advocate for […]

The 8th linked data business model

In response to my post on linked data business models, Leigh Dodds at Talis wrote a terrific piece with his thoughts on the business of linked data. Leigh presents a number of great ideas that I think really carry the conversation forward. One of his points is that I overlooked an important model, what he […]

7 business models for linked data

Now that major companies are implementing linked data, and more marketing thought leaders are championing data as an outward-facing competitive advantage, the question I’m hearing more frequently is: How do you turn data into revenue? Creating, publishing, and maintaining data takes work. What are the economic incentives for companies to put in the effort? Here’s […]

Mashable makes much of marketing data

Josh Jones-Dilworth wrote a couple of great columns about data and marketing on Mashable.com, Marketing in 2010: It’s All About the Data and How Data Will Impact the Way We Do Business. In the first article, he makes the case for data as a marketing vehicle: In the near term, learn to think of data […]