February 2011

A Rubik’s Cube structure for the marketing department

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Chris Kuenne wrote a terrific guest editorial in Ad Age a couple of weeks ago: Four Talent Categories You Need to Win in a Connected World. This is one of the best articles I’ve read yet that focuses on how the structure of the marketing organization needs to — and is finally starting to — change. He makes an apt analogy comparing the old approach to football teams …

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A marketing-math geek’s formula for success

Want to know the formula for success? Here it is: This was published by marketing metrics master Pat LaPointe earlier this week in his Metrics Insider column. Read the full article for his accompanying explanation and insight. Success is the sum of all your experience finding insights, transforming them into action, and trying to create more value than the resources you consume in the process. And then all of this is raised to the power …

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Mashing media, advertising and technology (interview)

I lived in New York City for about five years, and if I had to name one thing about the city that I loved most, it was its energy. The city just crackles with creativity and drive. Our inaugural marketing technologist interview was with New Yorker Jonathan Mendez, who in turn, introduced me to today’s metropolis-based interviewee: Darren Herman. Like Jonathan, Darren is a multi-faceted marketing technologist: an entrepreneur, an early-stage venture investor, and the …

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Looking for an amazing marketing technologist

I’m looking to hire an amazing marketing technologist. As my company — ion interactive — grows, we’re finding that there’s a gap between our account service team and our engineering team. The account service group are primarily marketers, teaching other marketers how to implement successful post-click marketing with our product, LiveBall. The engineering team are primarily software developers, building the product. But between those two realms, there’s a space to provide support and services to …

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Content marketing + conversion optimization

I’m a big believer in the power of “intersections,” as described by Frans Johansson in his inspiring book on innovation, The Medici Effect. The intersection of marketing and the-domain-formerly-known-as-IT is one, of course. But recently I’ve also been exploring some fascinating ideas by mixing concepts from the 131 different kinds of marketing. Often, many of these subdisciplines of marketing grow independently of each other. Ultimately, however, they’re all focused on building connections and bonds with …

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Marketing technology at a 113-year-old firm (interview)

Disruptive innovation can be exhausting. Exciting. Full of opportunity. But also relentless hard work. And with all the disruptive innovation wrought by the Internet — particularly the seismic changes in marketing — there are times when even the best of us could use a little boost of inspiration. Today’s marketing technologist interview was just that boost of inspiration for me because it features a 113-year old company — Thomas Publishing Company — which has adapted …

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Got marketing technologists? 1,000-fold growth

This is both an anniversary post and a state-of-the-market update. Three years ago, I launched this blog to focus on marketing technology — and perhaps more importantly — the new professionals emerging at that intersection, marketing technologists. At the time, I did a quick Google search for a couple of phrases: “chief marketing technologist” and “director of marketing technology” to see how popular those job titles were. Both terms predated my blog, although neither was …

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Bring your A-game to marketing technology (interview)

Earlier this week, I shared a presentation by marketing technologist Cleve Gibbon on building a marketing technology platform for engaging global brands. Today, I’m pleased to share with you our own interview with him. Cleve is the Chief Technology Officer of Cognifide, a European digital technology agency that has built sites — or, as Cleve would insist, marketing technology platforms — for clients such as Skype and Virgin Media. He’s a brilliant technologist with a …

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