Looking for an amazing marketing technologist

Looking for an amazing marketing technologist

I’m looking to hire an amazing marketing technologist.

As my company — ion interactive — grows, we’re finding that there’s a gap between our account service team and our engineering team. The account service group are primarily marketers, teaching other marketers how to implement successful post-click marketing with our product, LiveBall. The engineering team are primarily software developers, building the product.

But between those two realms, there’s a space to provide support and services to our customers who need more technical answers, insights, and ideas. Answers that are more technical than the account services team can handle — but that aren’t really engineering issues for our development team. Common examples include:

  • integrating analytics, such as Google Analytics, Site Catalyst
  • wiring up exchange of data with form posts, query strings
  • installing/verifying cookie tracking across multiple sites
  • connecting our software with marketing automation systems and CRMs
  • adding widgets and social media connect features
  • implementing custom Javascript features and behaviors
  • helping to resolve HTML and CSS oddities, especially cross-browser
  • providing a logical, technical approach to web-based “mysteries”

The ideal person that I’m envisioning for this role would be able to tackle these challenges at multiple levels:

  • first, dive in with a hands-on approaching to helping people with these issues
  • second, improve the process by which these issues are managed in our company
  • third, publish knowledge and help train others to nip more issues in the bud
  • fourth, consult to our engineering team to improve the product accordingly
  • fifth, build relationships with third-parties to provide additional services
  • sixth, as we grow, hire and lead a team of other support marketing technologists

This role would thrive at showing other marketers (and other budding marketing technologists) how to harness the intersection of marketing and technology.

This is an opportunity to apply marketing technologist and leadership skills in a highly entrepreneurial position, playing a key role in the growth of a pioneering marketing technology platform — our software has been adopted by American Greetings, Cigna, DHL, eMusic, General Mills, Intuit, Iron Mountain, and more.

The position would be either a “manager” or “director” level position, depending on your experience level — but my hope is that a manager could grow into a director. This person would report to me (CTO) and would need to be based at our Cambridge, Massachusetts office (some telecommuting is doable). We offer terrific compensation and a number of very attractive perks.

Because marketing technologists have such a wide potential background, the “requirements” for this position are ultimately that you’ll be able to perform the above mission with passion and brilliance. But certainly a strong mastery of tools like Firebug would be good start.

Are you the one? Or do you think you know someone who is? Send me a note at sbrinker@ioninteractive.com.

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