Come join us in San Francisco for MarTech 2015

MarTech 2014

I’m feeling giddy again. We’re in the middle of programming the agenda for the next MarTech conference, which will take place in San Francisco on March 31 – April 1, 2015, and I’m already floored by the first wave of speakers who have confirmed their participation — and amazed by the incredible suggestions coming in from our open call-for-presenters.

A huge thank you to all who have submitted ideas. You’re making our job of selecting which ones we can squeeze into the schedule extremely difficult, and we love you for it.

As with our inaugural event this past August, we’re planning an eclectic balance of topics spanning the marketing technology landscape, with an emphasis on management, strategy, and customer experience — how to harness all this innovative technology to really impact your business. We’ll have a special blend of top-notch speakers, including:

  • senior-level marketing technologists, sharing their hard-won experience and insights
  • executives leading digital transformation with new marketing technology capabilities
  • leading researchers and analysts who can illuminate the trends shaping our industry
  • independent subject matter experts who can teach you something new and powerful
  • internationally-renown special guests whom you won’t find at your typical marketing conference

Most of these sessions will be TED-style talks, where you’ll hear from well-prepared speakers with focused presentations. We’ll have a few fireside chats where we feel an organic discussion will be more revealing. But there will be no fluffy panels, and no vendor sales pitches. (We’ve got some exciting ideas for connecting the independent marketing technology vendor community, but they’ll be separate from the conference stage.)

And while I’m psyched about the speakers, the best part of MarTech will be the opportunity to connect with up to 600 other marketing technologists and tech-savvy digital marketing leaders like yourself

The most frequent remark we heard from attendees at the last conference was, “Wow! People who do what I do! No quizzical looks. Just instant connections with others who understand the joy — and challenges — of technology management within a marketing organization.”

Given the high density of brilliant, hybrid marketing-technology “unicorns” in the Bay Area, we expect this next conference will peg the meter on peer-to-peer interactions.

If you work in — or even near — the field of marketing technology, we’re determined to make this the absolute best conference of your year.

We’ll announce the agenda in December, once we’ve confirmed the rest of our speaker lineup. However, if you want to get a jump on registration — if you’re willing to take the leap of faith that we will indeed make this the absolute best conference of your year — then you can take advantage of an “alpha” discount of $400.

Our Boston conference sold out weeks before it began, and although we’ve increased capacity by almost 50% for this next event, we suspect that demand will exceed supply again. Register now, and you’ll have a guaranteed seat.

I hope to see you there!

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1 thought on “Come join us in San Francisco for MarTech 2015”

  1. Hi Scott,
    It is a long way to the US, but will try to be there.
    However, a suggestion.
    As you are aware, my “patch” is small businesses in Australia, and for many of them, “Marketing technology” means either another bottle of snake oil, or “how do I get the time to play with this stuff”/.
    It would be great to see a forum discussion focused on the challenges faced by SME’s with limited resources, particularly capability, and the simple pathways into this minefield that they could consider.
    Just a thought.


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