chiefmartecTV: From cave paintings to the Personalized Mona Lisa

chiefmartecTV Episode 1: Accelerating Waves of Marketing Technology

Last week we livestreamed the first episode of chiefmartecTV, a new monthly talk show that I have started hosting on Blab to discuss marketing technology topics that lend themselves to more of a discussion — or debate — than a blog post monologue.

Our special guest for this episode was David Raab, truly one of the most brilliant marketing technology analysts in the industry — and also one of the funniest, if you like your humor dry and stirred, as I do. David writes the terrific Customer Experience Matrix blog and is also on the board of advisors for the MarTech conference series.

Our topic was Accelerating Waves of Marketing Technology, where we covered questions such as: What are these waves? Are they actually accelerating in their arrival or adoption? How should marketers deal with this? And what does it mean for venture capital in the industry? We also segued into a related discussion about David’s amusing and insightful thought exercise on the Personalized Mona Lisa.

You can watch the replay of the show on YouTube:

You can tune in live for our second episode on Tuesday, July 12 at 4pm Eastern — subscribe on the chiefmartecTV page to receive the Blab URL. Our topic will be Myths and Monsters of Agile Marketing with special guest Roland Smart, VP of Social & Community at Oracle and author of the book The Agile Marketer.

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