chiefmartecTV: The myths & monsters of agile marketing

chiefmartecTV Episode 2: The Myths and Monsters of Agile Marketing

Yesterday we broadcast our second episode of chiefmartecTV on the topic of The Myths and Monsters of Agile Marketing.

My special guest was Roland Smart, VP of Social & Community Marketing at Oracle, author of the book The Agile Marketer, and co-host of The Marketing Agility Podcast. If you’re getting the sense that Roland is deeply into agile marketing, you’ve got the right impression. He’s a real superstar on the subject.

Since agile marketing is one of my favorite topics, discussed extensively in my book, Hacking Marketing, Roland and I wasted no time in diving into some of the trickier topics that come up in agile marketing adoption, such as:

  • Differences between agile software and agile marketing
  • How to get started, from talking agile to doing agile
  • Is agile best adopted top-down, bottom-up, or some hybrid of the two?
  • Common risks and failure scenarios with adoption
  • Is agile best for small companies and start-ups, or does it work in the enterprise too?
  • How to scale agile marketing across multiple teams in a larger organization
  • How to keep multiple agile teams aligned on a common strategy
  • Can agile work with agencies and service providers in the loop?

You can watch the recording of the show on YouTube:

Our next episode will be in August, with a special guest from the marketing strategy firm Lenati, as we discuss a new report that we’re producing on marketing technology management practices of senior marketing executives across a range of industries.

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